Headwall Recycle Sports

Kmart Plaza 520, US-89, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Oreos   Dec 17, 2020

    Set me up with a full ski kit at a nice price. Very helpful and personable people.

  • Mary Hipsag   Feb 27, 2021

    Incredibly rude staff. Berated my son and I for pulling our masks down to talk to one another. Totally unnecessary, could’ve asked us nicely. Then stared us down all the way out of the store. Guess they don’t want or need the business.

  • Steve S.   Aug 07, 2020

    Absolutely loved this place (I was visiting from out of state). When I went in looking for particular gear, they showed me the best option they had in stock, and added "to get the exact thing you want, go to this other store ." I also saw them showing other customers both their own new stock, and (to save money) used/consignment gear they had in. Friendly, knowledgeable, not afraid to get the customer what they really want/need, as opposed to just trying to make a sale. I'd go back again. I'd recommend it to friends and family. BONUS -- they had a really awesome dog in the shop when I visited. Ask for "Roma." Don't be afraid if she "looks" scary (Cane Corso, I think) -- she's a calm dog and a real sweetheart.

  • Kyle Jones   Feb 28, 2021

    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great deals on used and new gear. 100% would recommend and go back

  • Emma MacEachern   Jan 27, 2021

    My family and I have been loyal customers and consigners at Headwall since they opened. However, I recently was subjected to a very concerning experience and awful display of customer service. I was sold boots AND bindings by an employee at the Boot Room, & when I took them to get mounted- I was informed that the bindings would not work with the boots. When I informed Headwall of this, they stood by their no return policy (even though I was sold the wrong equipment by THEIR EMPLOYEE). The manager/ owner then placed blame on me by saying that no one working that day remembered selling me the equipment in question. REALLY?? That is how you treat loyal customers? By insinuating that they lie? Absolutely disgraceful. And now I am expected to buy another pair of boots as a result of their glaring error in sales and ski equipment knowledge. Because someone who works 4 jobs can definitely afford to do that. Thanks Headwall! Will definitely be taking my business elsewhere and informing everyone I know about the rude, non-accommodating customer service you offer.

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