Hatchet Resort

19980 US-287, Moran, WY 83013, USA

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  • Judy Halone   Oct 19, 2022

    There were few outlets in the downstairs of the Osprey (two bedrooms.) Beds are very comfy but we saw no outlets for lights or our phones. Kitchen had one outlet I think. Bathroom had no outlets. The Osprey was well-cleaned but we didn't like the idea of using a used kitchen sponge; there were two dishtowels but no dishcloth. The cookware and utensils were sufficient. We didn't know there was a $5 Resort Fee until we saw the receipt and didn't understand what it covered. It is in a beautiful location and a quick drive to the tetons.

  • Shaun Chow   Sep 27, 2022

    Stopped by for dinner and while the food tasted good, I agree with many of the reviews on portion and pricing. Paid 56 for elk medallions and got 3 tiny pieces, maybe 1x2in each. Acceptable portion of mashed potatoes, the veggie side could've been bigger for sure. And the garlic bread! That's my biggest gripe. Getting a normal piece of garlic bread was a big factor in me going for an entree and it's literally like a piece of bruschetta toast. If I'm being generous, it was 1x3in and like 1/4in thick. Like they sliced a baguette super thinly and toasted it. If you're gonna serve that as garlic bread, give me at least 3 pieces. Or better yet, tell it like it is on the menu and don't call it garlic "bread," and say garlic cracker or something. Very disappointed for the price. Service was good otherwise and like I said, food tasted good - just don't do any of the entrees if you're hungry.

  • Justin Banta   Aug 06, 2022

    Keep driving!!! Why 1 star? For starters, the server treated my brother with special needs quite poorly. When my brother started his loud self talk, we did our best to keep him quite. One great avenue to lower his self talk is to order him a soft drink. After three, the server said he could not have any more because there are only three refills. Regardless, we paid for more and were met with frustration from the server. Who treats someone with special needs that way... for a cheap Diet Pepsi...? Wow! The server was also rude when we wanted to split the bill three ways; giving us grief when we described the split by saying "this isn't helpful at all..." (we only had about 10 people and most got water and burgers). The $47 steak was cold and cooked poorly. I wouldn't have paid $20 for the steak. The sides were small and unflattering. There is no way the "market price" was $47 for the steak, no way! The burgers were also poor, freezer burnt with cold sides. The server again reacted angrily when we approached the bar for the bill after waiting for some time. My brother with special needs was getting loud with his self talk and we wanted to leave so not to disturb the rest of the customers. The server said, "I do not appreciate you coming to the bar and asking for your bill. It disturbs the flow for me and my employees." We apologized and told her about my brother. To paint the scene, she printed the bill, walked around the bar, and showcased the bill with hands on swayed hips and an annoyed face. Just keep driving to Jackson!!!

  • Hope Walker   Sep 21, 2022

    Hatchett Resort was a surprise in almost the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by several ranches and rich in history of its location, it was a bright spot in our travels. The cute log cabin design and modern amenities were a welcome addition. The owner has done a great job at accommodating almost every need. The cabin type rooms adjoin s great place for breakfast called The Grill that has great homemade breakfast and next door is a place for dinner called the Whetstone. We had a wonderful dinner served by Brandi and Addi who were a delight to talk to and they work hard at their jobs. After dinner we walked outside and watched the sun set. We met some wonderful people, had some great conversation and hope to come back soon!

  • Marissa Zollars   Sep 22, 2022

    We stayed at the Hatchet for 2 nights in the hostel room with a shared bathroom between the 3 rooms. The room was very comfortable and nice. Just be advised that since all 3 rooms are in the upstairs of an older cabin, the walls are very thin and you definitely can hear absolutely everything from your neighbors, even conversation at a normal tone. The bed was really comfortable and everything seems very clean. The Whetstone grill that serves dinner was pretty good food and is open late, which is nice when coming back from a long day of hiking. They also have gasoline and a small convenience store with drinks and water which was nice. I would avoid the Grill for breakfast. On the day we went they only offered a continental buffet style breakfast, like the kind that is usually complimentary at most hotels. It cost $30 for the two of us and the food wasn't great. The hash browns were way too salty to eat. We also found out later that they automatically add an 18% gratuity to all checks. This would be fine if it operated like a normal restaurant, but at least the morning we were there, the waiter set coffee at our table and that was the only service offered. So 18% seems like a lot for that combined with the cost of the food. There are other restaurants and convenience stations not far into the park that offer better options for breakfast. Otherwise, we had a very nice experience with the lodging and other accommodations.

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