Hatchet Resort

19980 US-287, Moran, WY 83013, USA

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  • Richard Stam   Aug 14, 2022

    Just had a takeout dinner. We loved it. Good and friendly service. Good food.

  • Drew Baumgartel   Jul 29, 2022

    This place has a quality feel to it. We loved the room and the food and I would give 5 stars here if it were not for the mosquitoes in the rooms and restaurants, which seem to be a product of overwatering/watering incorrectly, as each morning I noted standing water in the parking lot from the sprinklers (I have pictures!). Mosquitoes were not present in the surrounding areas, at least not in the same volume as on the resort. If owner confirms that watering issue is being addressed, I will update this review to 4 or 5 stars.

  • jeff m   Aug 11, 2022

    Very nice place. Restaurant has great food for breakfast and dinner. One of the better priced places for the Yellowstone area and quiet.

  • Mitch Rosecamp   Jul 15, 2022

    Nice, clean, quiet. There is a forest road going up into the mountains behind the parking lot, some beautiful vista's can be seen. We videoed grizzlies a few miles from here. Had a wonderful elk meet dinner at the on site restaurant. I would go back if in the area.

  • Justin Banta   Aug 06, 2022

    Keep driving!!! Why 1 star? For starters, the server treated my brother with special needs quite poorly. When my brother started his loud self talk, we did our best to keep him quite. One great avenue to lower his self talk is to order him a soft drink. After three, the server said he could not have any more because there are only three refills. Regardless, we paid for more and were met with frustration from the server. Who treats someone with special needs that way... for a cheap Diet Pepsi...? Wow! The server was also rude when we wanted to split the bill three ways; giving us grief when we described the split by saying "this isn't helpful at all..." (we only had about 10 people and most got water and burgers). The $47 steak was cold and cooked poorly. I wouldn't have paid $20 for the steak. The sides were small and unflattering. There is no way the "market price" was $47 for the steak, no way! The burgers were also poor, freezer burnt with cold sides. The server again reacted angrily when we approached the bar for the bill after waiting for some time. My brother with special needs was getting loud with his self talk and we wanted to leave so not to disturb the rest of the customers. The server said, "I do not appreciate you coming to the bar and asking for your bill. It disturbs the flow for me and my employees." We apologized and told her about my brother. To paint the scene, she printed the bill, walked around the bar, and showcased the bill with hands on swayed hips and an annoyed face. Just keep driving to Jackson!!!

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