Hand Fire Pizza

Hand Fire Pizza Jackson Wyoming 83001

After 71 years of operating as a 300-seat single seat theater, the historic Teton Theater was revived into what is now Hand Fire Pizza. While preserving the original character of the building, including the marquee and ticket booth, Hand Fire Pizza transformed the space into a restaurant serving up handmade wood-fired pizza using local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.  The most delicious pizza we can make, offering salads, desserts and specialties made fresh every day with organic and locally sourced ingredients.

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  • Donald Johnson Jr   Aug 16, 2023

    Great pizza place! My wife and I ate dinner here one evening and we loved sitting next to the bar where they were preparing the pizza’s. It was a well orchestrated art of cooking! These guys were working like a well oiled machine. We are usually “traditional” pizza types….pepperoni, mushrooms, beef etc. however we ventured out and tried the Truffle Pizza and on another night we tried the Chew-BACA pizza. Both were excellent, but our favorite was the Truffle. We were in town with a motorcycle tour, Ride America Tours. The last night of our tour before flying home, our group had a meal together here. They accommodated us upstairs. Both times we were there, the restaurant was packed, yet service was fast, courteous and excellent! When the pizza got to the table, you would think it had just come immediately out of the oven and sat on the table! It was hot, fresh and delicious. Here and one other restaurant were our favorites we visited. I highly recommend you check them out. If there is a wait, it won’t be long and it is worth the wait!

  • Anna Hammes   Nov 28, 2023

    Our bartender was absolutely wonderful on Friday! She was so personable and friendly. We even bonded over our love for Maui, Hawaii and had great conversation. She also gave us wonderful advice for traveling around Jackson as well the best times to come back in the summer. I didn’t catch her name but she provided great service to us! We got the fungi pizza and it was delicious, which is also a pizza she recommended.

  • Ale Garcia   Oct 06, 2023

    This was hands down one the best pizza spots I have ever had. I make dough and bread for a living, so this was great for me. The dough was prefect, thin and crispy enough. The Chew Baca was seriously amazing, the arugula did it for me. All the flavors that were put together were just *chefs kiss*. The Tropicante cocktail was also delicious. The Queen of Savoy was great, the tomato sauce was just right.

  • noe muratalla   Oct 15, 2023

    I went during a weekday so luckily the establishment was too busy. We were seated almost immediately and asked what we would like to drink just as quickly. They have a quite alot of unique pizza choices and toppings to choose from. Everyone has there preference for pizza style, but if you enjoy a thin pizza with a crisp outer crust, this place is for you. You view the employees making your pizza by 2 huge pizza ovens. The pizzas themselves are delicious! The toppings are very flavorful. At most pizza places I usually go light on the sauce because it overpowers the cheese and other toppings at times, but not here. All the ingredients work in perfect harmony to give you an exceptional pizza experience. Fresh mozzarella, savory tomato sauce, fresh toppings, all cradled beautifully over a hand tossed crust. Prices are a little high in my opinion, but it's worth the impact of flavor you'll get.

  • Leighton Smith   Feb 13, 2024

    Exceedingly average pizza. It’s certainly not Neapolitan but neither is it any brand of classically American pizza. And no, it’s not some kind of great thing of its own. I recently went to a kids birthday party at a trampoline facility. The pizza there is quite similar to this. Also, it’s a bit dry. There’s a bar right at the front of the restaurant. They have a decent selection of local and regional beers, which is nice to see. N.B. Children are not legally allowed to sit at the bar. They can sit about five feet away from the bar, though. Ah, the US nanny state is alive and well! (I’m not marking the place down for abiding by the law, I just think the law is hilarious and it’s worth highlighting instances of its absurdity.) Funky ambiance to the place. The service received was efficient enough, if a bit aloof.

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