Hand Fire Pizza

Hand Fire Pizza Jackson Wyoming 83001

After 71 years of operating as a 300-seat single seat theater, the historic Teton Theater was revived into what is now Hand Fire Pizza. While preserving the original character of the building, including the marquee and ticket booth, Hand Fire Pizza transformed the space into a restaurant serving up handmade wood-fired pizza using local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.  The most delicious pizza we can make, offering salads, desserts and specialties made fresh every day with organic and locally sourced ingredients.

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  • Leighton Smith   Feb 13, 2024

    Exceedingly average pizza. It’s certainly not Neapolitan but neither is it any brand of classically American pizza. And no, it’s not some kind of great thing of its own. I recently went to a kids birthday party at a trampoline facility. The pizza there is quite similar to this. Also, it’s a bit dry. There’s a bar right at the front of the restaurant. They have a decent selection of local and regional beers, which is nice to see. N.B. Children are not legally allowed to sit at the bar. They can sit about five feet away from the bar, though. Ah, the US nanny state is alive and well! (I’m not marking the place down for abiding by the law, I just think the law is hilarious and it’s worth highlighting instances of its absurdity.) Funky ambiance to the place. The service received was efficient enough, if a bit aloof.

  • Yovan Diaz Reyes   Mar 10, 2024

    Well, spent $31 dollars here, but to be honest. Not happy at all. They add a 3% “appreciation” charge, I don’t mind it at all, because the employer obviously do not appropriate their employees. The coke was probably the worst coke I’ve ever had. It was so watery, so clear the white straw we were given could be seen through the glass. The pizza was tasty and 1 star goes for it, however, I would’ve liked to actually had meatballs on the pizza labeled with “meatball” instead of sausage. It was still good. The server was nice, that’s another star right there. However, he dropped off the check (we didn’t ask for it), I was still hungry so had already thought of my second pizza, but I guess they just didn’t want to sell their food. I may be back and hopefully things change, this review could change overtime, but it’s sad to be traveling and encountering experiences like this.

  • Daniel H   May 24, 2024

    We did takeout and we were disappointed with it's Margarita pizza which was dry. It would be better if we ate at the restaurant. I liked the crust which was crisp and chewy. We need to eat at the restaurant to better experience their pizza.

  • Caty Essa   May 20, 2024

    Amazing pizza with two size options 12” and 16”. Highly recommend Bianca and meatbawls. So yummy. The whole burrata love salad was refreshing we loved it Prices are reasonable and staff supper friendly Would definitely go back for more

  • Burcu Gozluklu   May 27, 2024

    Amazingly delicious and spongy gluten free crust, we ordered two different kinds. Cheese and veggies. Salad sauce was very delicious and greens were super fresh. Service was excellent. Payed by a QR code online. Walk ins available and there is parking available nearby on the street.

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