Gym 22

125 Scott Ln, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Wes Krajsky   Jun 14, 2020

    I started training at various CrossFit gyms about 7 years ago, but not until I joined Gym 22 in 2018 did I begin to realize my true potential. The level of attention to detail here is unparalleled. Within months of joining I had PRd almost all of my lifts due to correction in my form and technique. Brooks and his team take proper form very seriously and do an excellent job of teaching these often complicated movements all while pushing you to your limits. No matter where you are in your fitness journey you will have a place at Gym 22. The community is always very positive, friendly, and supportive. Without a doubt the best gym I have ever attended

  • Altitude Athletics   Feb 28, 2020

    I've been able to work with Brooks and his crew on many occasions, and can say without a doubt they are one of the best gyms you'll find, not just in Jackson, but anywhere you go. They are goal oriented trainers who will work hard for you and give you an awesome gym experience! Highly recommended!

  • Cole Gardner   Mar 10, 2020

    I've been going to the gym for a long time, and I've been absolutely blown away by this place. The highest levels of quality and attention to detail are poured into every session. I can't say I've received better instruction, programming, or one-on-one guidance from any other facility that I've attended in my 15+ years of training. What I appreciate the most is the personal attention I seem to get from every coach here. They all take the time to look at each individual athlete and provide feedback. It raises my game and effort because I know that they're giving me their absolute best every session. Specifically want to call out Brooks, Pete, and Scott. These guys really care a lot and truly know their stuff. Jackson being what it is, there are some truly gifted and incredible athletes that train here, which is both motivating and humbling. That being said, the full spectrum of fitness levels is well-represented. The culture here is truly one of acceptance and a desire to improve. Everyone has a place here and an awesome coach to help them with their specific training needs no matter where they are in their training.

  • michael mock   Jun 14, 2022

    Great gym and great coach’s! I have been to many gyms across the country and around Jackson Hole. Gym 22 has absolutely amazing coach’s who are all very good and qualified to explain lifts, workouts, and techniques. The programming is great and there is not a minute wasted in a class. They also offer open gym which is really nice to have access to. And they have an amazing kilter board for rock climbing training which is a very high quality training wall. Gym 22 offers 2 free classes and I would highly recommend using those classes before checking out any other gyms in town!

  • Bethanie Hart   Feb 02, 2024

    Just joined gym 22! I love how this gym is owned by a local, who grew up here! What an important thing for our community. The open gym staff who greeted me, (sopia, nick and Alex) were friendly and made the gym inviting.

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