GYDE Architects

GYDE Architects, West Broadway, Jackson, Wyoming 83001, USA

Award-winning architecture and design firm GYDE Architects has a portfolio of residential, commercial, civic, and non-profit projects throughout Jackson Hole and beyond. Principals Peggy Gilday and Nona Yehia have partnered to form an innovation powerhouse that crafts solutions through art, architecture, science, and technology. More than just an architecture firm, GYDE Architects also offers branding, graphic design, and sculptural interior design services. One of their most notable projects is Vertical Harvest, the three-story automated greenhouse that graces the south side of the public parking garage in downtown Jackson. In addition to winning Gold for Best Eco-Friendly Business in 2019, Vertical Harvest has been recognized nationwide for taking a huge step forward in the quest for sustainable cities and agriculture.

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