GTLC – Jenny Lake Lodge

100 Jackson Lake Lodge Rd, Moran, WY 83013, USA

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  • Scott H   Jul 24, 2022

    Despite other reviews found our room to be much better than expected. The view and atmosphere just can not be duplicated. A very awesome family adventure. Only negative was trying to get the billing of multiple rooms squared away with desk staff. Visited them 4 different days and even after checking out in the morning found billing to be incorrect.

  • Jay and Jennifer Worrall   Jun 19, 2022

    Grand Teton NP is amazing like all the other national parks, but a lot of the parks we've been to have not been run well at all (mostly looking at you, Yosemite) or marginally. Everyone was wonderful at these facilities. The service was amazing, the food was amazing. The prices were not cheap but I didn't completely ripped off.

  • Judy Li   Jun 22, 2022

    If possible, i would like to rank the lodge six stars. The lodge has excellent location at the park. You can see gorgeous mountain views throughout the widows of dining rooms and the second floor of lobby. The food there also was delicious, which beyond my expectation. After dinner, we took a nice short walk along the lunch tree trail that behinds of the lobby. Besides, the staff were super nice. One of them called Oliver, she helped us to solve the reservations problem. The room was clean. One night I saw three ants at bathroom, but I didn't want to complain it. Because we lived in the forest basically. I was happy that we choose the Jackson Lake Lodge.

  • Howard Sobkov   Jun 23, 2022

    We went to the Lodge as part of the tour we were on. A bit Kitschy but we got great mementos that don't violate giving away things and not collecting more. Nice t-shirts too. The best is the view out the back with a gorgeous large picture window overlooking the Teton mountains across the way. Good for everyone

  • Chad Russell   Aug 13, 2022

    I was told that this place was “rustic” and that’s exactly what it is. Regardless of the shared bathrooms, lack of TV in my room, and the absence of pretty much any other modern luxury one might expect at a hotel, I would absolutely come and stay here again. It’s just so simple. You actually get a physical key to get into your room. You know, a metal object that inserts into a door lock to allow you to enter. Who does that anymore? Totally worth it.

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