Grand Targhee Resort

3300 Ski Hill Rd, Alta, WY 83414, United States

Grand Targhee Resort is a ski resort situated on the west side of the Teton Range in western Wyoming. The west side lends itself to gentler, (often) powdery slopes featuring diverse terrain great for people of all levels. As summertime rolls around, miles of cross-country and downhill bike trails are uncovered across the mountain while live music is trickled into the scene.

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  • Justin Stalenski   Jan 16, 2021

    The mountain is great! Lines aren't long like everywhere else (Jackson)but the thing that really made me not like is how much they are getting after people for not wearing a mask. WE ARE OUTSIDE FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE. There is free flowing air so chill out. Full on adults are yelling at other peoples children in line and it makes the day where you are supposed to be having fun not so fun. But other than that. Its great.

  • Kent Hinchcliff   Dec 29, 2020

    I've never seen such beautiful powder on a ski resort! However I'd take some fat skis if you're wanting to do the hard stuff. There was a lot of powder. But whatever fits your fancy, do it. This is a great place for children!

  • Dan Manning   Feb 16, 2021

    This place was incredible. Amazing snow, great terrain, and a friendly staff. It was also very appreciated that everyone there took mask wearing and social distancing seriously. I'm already on my way back for a second day!

  • Tiffany Frey   Feb 14, 2021

    What a great day! Two girlfriends and I signed up for 2 hour lessons which included all day ski Lyft and rentals. We were split up as I know board and they ski. My instructor was fun and encouraging. We found this great deal and the mountains were gorgeous. We we're blessed with fresh powder.

  • Chadwick Greenhalgh   Feb 12, 2021

    This is a special place. Treat it with care. Its right on the edge of becoming too popular, and for good reason. The snow is deep and the mountain is amazing. It has everything you could ask for in a resort. My family comes up year round. The mountain biking in the summer is the model of what resorts should offer, from sweet lift accessed trails, to miles and miles of free cross-country single track. The people here are still people I want to hang out with. This is a special place.

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