Good Samaritan Mission

Good Samaritan MIssion Jackson Wyoming 83001-1218

Helping the hungry, hurting and homeless in our community. We provide short term housing and home cooked meals and a food pantry for all in need.

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  • Tee Holokai   Mar 07, 2024

    As someone that works and parks behind the Good Samaritan, I’ve seen a lot of change lately. There is always so many people hanging out behind the place and smoking and throwing trash all over the place even when they have a huge trash can right next to them. It looks like a meth house.

  • Jacklyn Randazzo   Nov 17, 2023

    What kind of person withholds food from a homeless person when they are given a plate??? And then you want to kick that homeless person out for being hungry??! You're horrible Patrick. My uncle is a pastor in the area. I'm going to make sure people know about this!! Shame on you!!!

  • Lan Dean   Feb 08, 2024

    Patrick needs to go, he is a horrible person, he kicks people out for not having socks on but yet he does the same thing, he is mentally disturbed, unhinged, full of gossip & hate. He needs to be thrown out & made to get a job where he has no authority over any living being especially those in need. He has nothing to do with God or basic common sense.

  • Eli Mayberry   Feb 16, 2024

    The people that run this place are genuinely horrible human beings(Patrick and Chuck) do not waste your time. Come for the shower and food, but DO NOT stay here. If you like having your basic human rights infringed on (like cameras pointed directly at your bed) then come on down! These people are not Christians, and all they want is your money.

  • lance kittell   Jan 07, 2024

    I had the honor of working there decades ago. It was very welcoming to people in need. Haven't been there lately, but, I've read reviews of it, so I'm glad it is still functioning.

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