Glorietta Trattoria

242 Glenwood St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Travis Koranek   Aug 15, 2020

    The drinks were great. 5 stars for those. However, we ordered 3 appetizers we never got to try because our waiter forgot to put them in. 30 minutes after ordering we asked him where they were and you could see the look in his face he never put them in but he said the kitchen never made them. Seems like outdoor service is secondary. You get waitstaff when they aren't busy with the inside, which they were that night. If you can't keep up with all the seating don't offer it.

  • Emily Broomfield   Aug 24, 2020

    Amazing homemade pasta and food! I love Italian and sometimes it's hard to find a good Italian place while traveling but not at Glorietta. Our waitress , Megan, was fantastic along with the rest of the staff. Will definitely come back!

  • Jacob Wilkins   Aug 31, 2020

    I always thought that if you reserved a table a week in advance, you wouldn't have to wait very long to get in. But thanks Glorietta, you corrected me on that. After arriving for our reservation we had to wait 30 minutes in an outside seating area, which was very chilly. After finally getting our seats, we ordered a meatball appetizer which was lukewarm. The sauce was colorful but bland, and the meatballs themselves were quite standard. We then ordered the Alfredo and the Scottish Salmon. The Alfredo was alright. The noodles were a bit too firm for my liking and there was far too much prosciutto, making the dish very salty at points. The sauce was light and sparce, but pretty good. Overall it was acceptable. The salmon was cooked great, with a nice chat on the outside. The sauce was not my cup of tea at all however, and the salad on the side was very bland. Overall I was quite disappointed with this meal considering this was the one I was looking forward to the most on this trip. For over $120, I was expecting an incredible dinner. Instead, I honestly think I would've rather went to an Italian chain restaurant. At a cheaper price point I think I would've left in better spirits, especially after waiting in the cold for a half hour.

  • Gabriela Martinez   Sep 15, 2020

    You will need a reservation in advance so plan accordingly. This was one of our favorite restaurants we went to in Jackson, everything we ordered was so delicious! Our waitress was so sweet and super helpful on what to order and other places to check out. They did a great job with COVID precautions and had minimal guests and tables inside. I see a few reviews around portions and pricing, I will say the portions are not large. Something similar you’d get in a shared plates restaurant in a major city.

  • Anzhelika Arbatskaya   Aug 14, 2020

    Amazing place with amazing food, cocktails and amazing manager Chuck who let us in (tired and hungry after a whole day hiking), despite that they were full and booked up. Of course we had limited time because of that , but it was more than enough for a delicious meal and good memories. Really appreciate that gesture. We were at the outdoor patio, which I loved. I had a rabbit with an unforgettably delicious sauce, my husband had very good pork chops, but we both fell in love with grilled wild mushrooms. Also despite the masks our waitress was very friendly and I could β€œhear” her smile through the mask which makes dinner experience also very nice. πŸ˜€

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