Genevieve Catering

Genevieve Catering, East Broadway Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Extending the spirit of its namesake cafe, Genevieve Catering offers catering services for events big and small, while maintaining the Genevieve Cafe’s foundation of warm western hospitality and phenomenal cuisine. Like the restaurant, Genevieve Catering sources local and sustainable ingredients, accommodating all sizes and budgets to achieve exceptionally planned events with, of course, delicious food. 

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  • Tara Johnson   Jun 23, 2021

    A good place to eat. Too many people working as hostess as the party behind us was seated before us because our hostess went to go look for a table and another hostess seated them before ours came back. But, not a big deal. The food was good.

  • Lisa Beaird   Jul 14, 2021

    Definitely not worth going to. Limited menu and over-priced....but the worst part was the service. The server took our order but someone else delivered the food. Our server asked 1 time if "everything was good" in passing without waiting for a reply....and then disappeared. When I needed a to-go box and she still hadn't returned, I tried to get the attention of a hostess but was ignored, even though I said "excuse'am?" 3 times as she walked right by our table. I ended up going to the hostess stand and asking for a box and our bill. After about 5 minutes someone brought those to our table. Our server did pick up the check and credit card to run it....but then took orders at 3 nearby tables with it in her hand before doing anything with it. When it was finally returned, she wasn't the one who brought it. I don't know what she was doing in the interims....the place had customers but wasn't packed, and she was nowhere to be seen. It appeared that, in general, "regulars" received better service, and the several dogs people brought in received more attention than we did (service animals only? Yeah right...).Disappointing experience in all regards.

  • Maurine E. Karabatsos   May 15, 2021

    This is one of my top 'Go-To' places - whether I am meeting a friend for breakfast/lunch - or I'm in town and want a great place to have a bit by myself. The staff is not only professional - but always warm and welcoming. The menu is one of those great menus that everyone in your party will find something fab to order - not a pretentious foodie menu - but the food is fit for a foodie! Smile. Of course, you can't go wrong with the bar menu! Great for breakfast, brunch, lunch - or just running in for a quick bite. Oh, before I forget - the patio this time of year thru summer/early fall -- perfect!!

  • Loretta Lambright Redrick   Aug 29, 2021

    This establishment is adorable! Tucked back just off the square in what looks like a centuries old, former abode. We waited a half hour and we are so glad we did! Interesting and creative menu options, friendly service and satisfying noshing! We had the chicken and waffles, fluffy waffles and seriously crunchy fried chicken. We also enjoyed the Cajun eggs Benedict. Hash browns are just right with peppers and a hint of spice. I don’t think it should be missed!

  • oma gal   Jun 07, 2021

    For those of us liking to sit down and do enjoy a nice breakfast meal with someone else other than our own phones, this is the perfect place. We did eat twice here on our week 4 days vacation in town. Tara, our service woman was exceptionally good. Our delicious plates were prepared promptly and served hot. The place has a very nice ambiance with a terrace under the trees that was fantastic. We're sure you can grab a bit someplace else, but for real enjoyment, this is it.

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