Genevieve Catering

Genevieve Catering, East Broadway Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Extending the spirit of its namesake cafe, Genevieve Catering offers catering services for events big and small, while maintaining the Genevieve Cafe’s foundation of warm western hospitality and phenomenal cuisine. Like the restaurant, Genevieve Catering sources local and sustainable ingredients, accommodating all sizes and budgets to achieve exceptionally planned events with, of course, delicious food. 

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  • C W   Jun 26, 2021

    Amazing food! We stayed 3 days in Jackson and went to this place every day we were there. The waffles were the best. The biscuits and Cajun gravy superb and the grits.... yes! 10 out of 10!!

  • Jordan Hermans   May 19, 2022

    Homemade granola and yogurt was great. So much fruit and granola. Chicken and waffles needs work. No reason to batter chicken the batter gets crispy but the actual skin just turns rubbery. Pig candy was blaw. Save the money and order regular bacon and eat a packet of sugar in the raw. This way it's warm but will taste the same. They should switch it to pork belly would be better.

  • François Morel   Aug 31, 2020

    Outstanding food, yet somewhat pricy for the overall decorum.

  • Johnny Five   May 29, 2021

    A perfect alternative to the always crowded bakery next door. Great breakfast, friendly and attentive wait staff. Loved their fresh-made frosted donuts. They were a perfect accompaniment to the coffee before a morning hike.

  • William Levi   Jun 22, 2022

    My overall rating was 3 stars solely due to price point. Two eggs, w/ hash browns & breakfast meat & a Belgian waffle & one coffee totaling $44.00 excluding tip. A bit short of NYC Park Hyatt prices in a nice Jackson WY. cafe I can't rationalize that. Food was good, service was excellent believe me. Jackson WY. Should not almost equal NYC prices. My humble opinion here.

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