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  • Donavin Clark   Jan 02, 2023

    Such an amazing team! Ethan treated me very well, and answered every question I had to the best of his ability. Great communication and great service!

  • Lori Evans   Feb 09, 2023

    Aside from a wonderful outcome Ethan was patient, persistent and worked tirelessly on the case which was complex and emotional. Ethan kept us informed at each step and was the epitome of calm.

  • Lily Rakness   Mar 21, 2023

    Ethan was more than attentive to the legal needs my family required. He answered our questions, phone calls, emails etc. in a timely manor. He was extremely professional and personable. Thank you Ethan!

  • Robert Morris   Apr 01, 2023

    I was very impressed with Ethan Morris handling of my case. He knows his way around Federal laws and courts. The main thing he saved me thousands of dollars by arguing my case to the judge. I had a favorable out come because of his expertise. I highly recommend him to anyone who is having trouble with the law. Robert Morris

  • James Christiano   Apr 02, 2023

    Well our case stated our slow because the defendant was refusing to play nice and speak to Alex about our case. It took months for Alex and Rachel to pry information from these people and finally they got the ball rolling . It took many months after that for the defendant to make any kind of reasonable offer and subsequent offers. To make a long story short Alex’s law firm put their best foot forward and told these people they needed to make good on this case and he no longer asked but demanded answers from an unwilling defendant. I think after they saw Alex’s law firm wasn’t playing around they finally made an offer we could live with. Alex and his team busted their butts on this case and won it in the end. We have nothing but respect for the Freeburg law firm and hope we never need a law firm in Wyoming again but if we do we know the one to go to for results. The Freeburg Law Firm. Sincerely, Jim & Barb C South Carolina

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