Freeburg Law

235 E Broadway #103, Jackson, WY 83001

  • Joe Joe   Jul 26, 2021

    Alex and Ethan were professional and responsive. They went above and beyond for me! Would highly recommend!

  • Camil Saliba   Nov 11, 2021

    I definitely recommend this law firm, they were on top of everything and very generous in answering all my questions. They made sure everything was explained well which make it easy for me to understand and look into all my options.

  • Perla Machuca   Nov 21, 2021

    Well rounded service, they answered all my questions every step of the way!

  • Danny Radovitch   Mar 06, 2022

    These guys had my back! Got a DUI, called every attorney in Jackson. The only firm that thought I was worth a dang was Freeburg Law. I got Ethan as my attorney. Ethan told me everything I needed to know and reassured me from the get go. I suffer from anxiety. The day I got in trouble, I was terrified, ready willing and able to loose it. My court date came and Ethan kept me together through my trial, if I didn’t have Ethan and Freeburg. I honestly think the sheer anxiety would’ve given me a full mental breakdown. Thanks for having my back when (and I don’t say this lightly) NEEDED someone to. Great communication, service, and attorneys that genuinely care about the people they represent 10/10

  • Collette Ryall   May 05, 2022

    Ethan Morris is the BEST Lawyer. Not only did he stay in touch and guide us the whole way through. He would provide extra information of whatever I asked him for. So Personable and Positive. I can't THANK Ethan enough for being the BEST. Thanks and Good Luck with all that you do. THANKS - Collette & Ron

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