Flat Creek Ranch

1 Upper Flat Creek Road, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Ty Howell   Jul 30, 2014

    My husband and I had 4 wonderful days at Flat Creek Ranch, staying in the Cal Cabin which has a private balcony overlooking Flat Creek. Christian's food was delicious and with Trey and Luke's guidance we were able to summit Sleeping Indian. We loved the new double kayak and the campfire our last night, but I think my favorite activity was the horseback riding. Liza took us on two great rides with very calm horses, Leon and Sombrero. We had great views of both Sleeping Indian and the vast Tetons. A perfect vacation! -ty howell

  • Krista Berkley   Jun 17, 2019

    My husband and I (from Wisconsin) had an amazing stay at Flat Creek Ranch in June 2019. Now, let me start by saying I’m a bit of a homebody and typically have a great time traveling yet cannot wait to get home. That being said, after 3 nights in Jackson Hole and 4 nights at Flat Creek Ranch, I was very sad to be leaving. Overall, Trey, Shelby, Luke and the entire staff make this place what it is. These folks love what they do, and they do a superb job at running the ranch professionally yet creating an atmosphere that’s comfortable and "homey". I hope I don’t miss anyone here, but I really feel it’s important to highlight a few staffers that just deserve individualized recognition. Trey and Shelby own the business and are there to meet all of your expectations. They’ve mastered what they do and cover all the basis so you get a completely uninterrupted, hassle-free, amazing experience. When they aren’t there (because yes, they do have lives outside of work too), Luke is their right-hand man and picks off right where Trey and Shelby left off. Daniel in the kitchen busts his butt. He must be up right around sunrise to get a hearty home-cooked breakfast going, and as soon as you’re done with breakfast, he’s already chopping veggies for lunch. His food is amazing. You will not go hungry. Additionally, he does a fabulous job at meeting dietary needs or preferences to satisfy all. Claira is another individual we spent a good amount of time with. She’s there to tend to the horses and give the trail rides. We spent a lot of time with her, and she was just a joy to be around. Tor, Dani, Munch, and Simon were also wonderful and added a lot of value to our trip. One very unique thing I noticed was the staff’s dedication and passion for what they do. Because Flat Creek Ranch is so far off the beaten bath, staff stays on the ranch with you. They work hard a few days in a row and then go back into town for their days off. So they rotate days on and days off, but while they’re there, they work hard. Tor is head of housekeeping I believe, but then she also was one of our hiking guides. Claira works hard in the barn with the horses all day, but then she also does dishes or waits tables at dinner. Dani loves chopping wood and helps keep the wood piles stocked, but then you’ll also see her serving dinner. They all wear many hats, and are always doing it with a smile. Ok, I think I’ve made myself clear that the staff is simply amazing. A few other misc things…While hospitality and guest experiences are of utmost importance, equally important is conservation of their land and natural resources. You’ll notice this all around Jackson Hole, and it’s very admirable. They love their land, and they really focus on caring for the environment. So, they do have a few unique policies and guidelines. To be clear though, this did not take away from our trip whatsoever. Just go and embrace it! More misc things…The cabins are kept very clean and are very comfortable. Each one has a wonderful wood burning stove that we enjoyed. We stayed in the Farney cabin, and we did value the shower. It’s a nice spacious shower. We also loved the wood burning hot tub after the horseback riding and fishing. Also, it was so nice every morning having the house-keeping “spruce up” and evening turn down service. Pack layers. It can be warm in the sun and very chilly in the shade and mornings and evenings. A few tips in general regarding our trip: As mentioned, we stayed 3 nights in Jackson. 1 day touring the Grand Tetons, and 1 day touring Yellowstone before going to Flat Creek Ranch. Shelby recommended EcoTour Adventures which we used for both tours. Those experiences were AWESOME. Wildlife is very populated in these areas, and if your trip to Jackson Hole includes goals of seeing a lot of wildlife, you need to plan to visit these areas too. Sorry this review got so long. I hope it helps a few travelers though! Enjoy your trip to Wyoming! You’ll love it!

  • Candy Mintz   Jul 15, 2014

    My stay at the Flat Creek Ranch was everything and more than I expected. My husband, Dave, and I were looking for a "comfortable rustic adventure" and found we it here. The cabins were comfortable and cozy and our front porch overlooked the Flat Creek River. The lodge, just a five minute walk away, has a spectacular view of the lake and gorgeous mountain surroundings. The meals served were wonderful and we always looked forward to the 7pm happy hour when wine and delicious appetizers were served on the lodge deck .Morning coffee or tea can be delivered to your cabin before breakfast and the chef will even pack you an picnic lunch if you choose to take an afternoon hike instead of dining in the lodge. My husband and I learned to fly fish at the ranch with the help of some very patient instructors. We filled up our days with horseback riding, moose and eagle gazing and hiking through the beautiful Wyoming wilderness. The people who work at the ranch welcome you and treat you like family. I cannot say enough about the hospitality at Flat Creek. They look out for your every need and then some. The staff could not be more warm, helpful and engaging. If you are looking for a great place to spend a warm, inviting, outdoor get away I highly recommend Flat Creek Ranch.

  • Michael Noel   Jul 19, 2020

    Wife and I spent 5 days wonderful days at FCR... simply, one of the best travel experiences of our lives! It's everything you could hope for in a high-end guest ranch - perfect blend of breathtaking natural beauty and rustic, yet luxurious, accommodations. In all the places we've stayed, we've never felt more connected with the staff than we did with FCR. Trey and Shelby and the team were fantastic... the kind of people you just want to hang out with! Loved their energy and their passion for what they do! Cabins were perfect (we stayed in Judge's)... meals were 5-star(Daniel was our primary Chef and was fantastic)... activities were unforgettable (horseback rides, hikes, fly-fishing)! Worth every penny - we will definitely return to Flat Creek Ranch!

  • Christopher Collie   Jan 15, 2023

    The most beautiful place my wife and I have ever vacationed. Trey and Shelby were truly incredible hosts, and made our stay amazing. The food was world-class, the horseback rides through the mountains were unforgettable, and our fly-fishing guide was able to get us on beautiful trout. We enjoyed the wood fire powered hot tub, the bourbon bar, and our rustic cabin. I can’t imagine another place like this. 10/10

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