Flat Creek Inn

57 900 W, American Fork, UT 84003, USA

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  • Fayla Jay   Jun 27, 2022

    After paying a hundred and fifty + for the room that specifically came with a kitchen so we could cook we found out there is not so much as a cup or fork in the kitchen. Literally nothing. Everything is extra cost on top of the already costly room. Want pots and pans? Pay for the cooking package. Want plates and forks? Pay for the dining package. Want coffee in the morning? You guessed it.. pay for a whole coffee maker. Pillows were as thin as the sheets. Sheets looked like they had shoe prints on them. Definitely not fresh or clean. No real Blankets. Just very thin sheets. Room that “sleeps four” had table room for only 2 and only 2 bath towels. To swap out dirty towels for new ones there’s a charge for that too. Could hear a baby crying almost all night as the room is super thin. Called the front desk three times and never got an answer. Would not recommend to anyone for the nightly price.

  • Johnny Salazar   Aug 11, 2022

    The rooms are clean and smells fresh. The price for a weeks stay come out to be $57 all rooms have a full-size fridge and cook top . The staff are very out going and friendly. Do your self a favor and give it a try.

  • Faith Bridges   Sep 05, 2022

    The staff are unbeatable, so friendly and welcoming. The room was clean and smelled fresh when I moved in. However, I was a bit disappointed to find out that they only clean the rooms once you've been here for 2 weeks. Also, despite having a kitchenette (fridge, microwave, sink and burners), the room doesn't come with any cooking implements. There isn't a single cup, plate, fork, pot or pan. I feel that is something people should know of they're expecting to stay here and cook to save money, because most people don't travel with that type of thing. There have been some maintenance issues tied to the shower, which drips constantly. The water goes from hot to cold to hot again in the middle of your shower.

  • S A   Feb 18, 2023

    Service is fine but the hotel itself is it complete s*** hole. You'd be more comfortable sleeping in your car this place is absolutely disgusting.

  • Courtney Delk   Sep 26, 2022

    This hotel is not it! The whole place smelled really bad. The elevator smelt as if someone was smoking in it at all times. It was hard to breath. We were not treated nicely. We were told by one person they were going to comp us a night. We had plans to be somewhere the next morning and when we came back they changed our locks to our room. They told us that they couldn't comp a night now and if we wanted our stuff or to stay another night which was already planned we had to pay for another night. It was ridiculous and unprofessional. I would never stay here again. Also our door would wiggle when it was "latched" shut. The extra lock wouldn't lock. We didn't feel safe. Especially after what they did with locking our stuff up and making us pay another night to get our stuff even though we weren't supposed to check out till the following day. We had a night comp and they took it away from us. The beds are extremely small and super uncomfortable. They said they only have double beds nothing bigger or smaller. Overall a horrible experience and I would not recommend at all!!! The staff member who checked us in was extremely nice easy going and made us feel like our stay was going to be good. The next day was a different lady who was rude unprofessional and overall just a bitter person. She was the one who locked our room on us and told us we had to pay another night even though it was already worked out. Again the whole hotel smelt horrible even though they had air fresheners all through it that were on a timer. It felt as if you couldn't breath and the smell of cigarettes was also strong. I'm pregnant and it made me feel super uncomfortable

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