First Interstate Bank

842 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Brenda B   Apr 22, 2022

    Slowest bank I have ever been to. Sat at drive up 5 min before any acknowledgement.

  • C Pal   Apr 12, 2021

    Since they got rid of the old staff and switched to all new staff at my local FI bank, it's gone downhill. I can never get anyone on the phone either, they just don't answer the phones.

  • Shepard Humphries   Jun 12, 2021

    On a Saturday afternoon, just before the drive-thru closed, I came through and made a last minute special request for something that is usually only done during regular Monday to Friday business hours and only inside the office. Wyatt was very helpful and went out of his way to do something that he could have easily simply declined with a stereotypical response that is common among customer service people. Instead, he chose to make the special effort and go above and beyond to make sure my needs were met.

  • Steve Drumheller   Apr 21, 2023

    I have banked with F.I. for about 7 years and have always been blown away by their customer service. Working with a smaller bank is so much easier than the big names. Wanted to give a shoutout to Austin and Garritt at the Jackson branch for helping me resolve an issue I had this week. They both handled the situation quickly and courteously and did a great job representing the bank. Huge thanks to both of you.

  • douglas miller   Nov 14, 2023

    Terrible customer service...Kathy was super sweet when setting up my account and then really helpful when I had trouble setting up online banking..then I didn't use my account for a year...went to use it and was declined so I headed to talk with kathy....was told that I was charged 5 dollars a month service fee bc there was not enough money in punish the people who can't afford it right!! Those charges drained my acct completely and they closed it...Kathy literally said to me...ya all your money went to service fees and was closed but I didn't owe them any money hahaha...basically was legally robbed bc I didn't have enough the end she said so ya ur all done a very dismissive condescending way...then had the nerve to say unless u wanna set up a new account with us....super rude felt like I was nothing guess I difficult would it of been to refund the charges and keep a customer. If that is impossible, which I can not believe is the case, at least be understanding and not so dismissive. Thought I would give them a try just in case someone wouldn't accept Bank of jackson Hole....Wells Fargo, let's see if ur any better for a backup...really upset. First Interstate, u can do better...there only thing I could do is vent and express my thoughts about how the situation was handled. I now know 1st interstate could care less about the lil guy. Literally take from the poor and give to the rich. Booo I say...wish there was a 0 star

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