Fireside Resort Jackson Hole

2780 North, WY-390, Wilson, WY 83014, USA

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  • Charles Brennan   Oct 06, 2021

    Just very neat cabins, great views, horses were very friendly, a cool cabin/game room, lots of fun 2b had there. Great caretakers on property.

  • Cindy Liu   Jun 28, 2021

    Very nice just for camping. Downright posh with the nice cabins(?). Wish we had the time and money to enjoy one of those apartment-like places :) The front office woman was very nice, and the place was clean. Bonus for us birdwatchers were the roving bands of Black-billed Magpies, which I'm sure other campers just hated :P Especially the RV & truck next to us who apparently left his truck door open all night, much to the magpies' delight...

  • Jim Bo   Dec 22, 2021

    The bathroom for the RV section was for men and women (also boys and girls). Let me make this clear. There was one bathroom and shower room for everyone. Completely not acceptable! And they want $60 a night for this!

  • Jenna Finkelstein   Sep 28, 2021

    We stayed at the Fireside Resort for 4 nights in one of their wedge cabins. We absolutely loved it. The property is great, cabins are adorable, distance from downtown was perfect. We felt like we had a real “camping” experience without the roughing it part. The staff was helpful and very friendly. Highly recommend this resort and we will definitely be back!

  • S H   Oct 29, 2021

    We have traveled extensively and never seen such a high price for an RV site, especially one that offers rather haphazard amenities. We “upgraded” to a premium site and really expected there would be accompanying level of premium features to account for the substantial price. Instead, there was only 20amp and 50amp hookups. As we didn’t have an adapter (available for purchase there, which tells you something) we weren’t able to run everything on our rig. The sewer connection on our spot was a substantial ways away from the rest of the hookups and without a extension we weren’t able to connect. Additionally, most places that have freezing weather have insulated or heated stand pipes. This does not. Thankfully we travel with a heated hose and pipe insulation, which we needed as the stand immediately froze. As well, the WiFi didn’t work all night. The cabins and property are beautiful so if they put the same thought into the RV sites then possibly they could be worth such an exorbitant price tag. Until then, you might want to look for a better option..

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