Enterprise Rent-A-Car

9213 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704, USA

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  • John Dick   Sep 12, 2023

    I just wanted to say how helpful and professional Kendra was in handling my rental. I had to rent before the insurance company authorized and she took care of everything when I returned the car. Kendra, thank you for the positive experience and if needed, I'll be back!!

  • A. Rose   Mar 30, 2024

    This is the worst enterprise I've ever been to. I tried twice to rent a car over two years and both times when I showed up for my trip to pick up my car everything is locked or they can't give me the car. Ruined both trips. Don't waste your money here, it's not like they want it anyway. They're not even trying.

  • Sayward Rowley   Feb 13, 2024

    Had to rent a car for 30 days after a car accident. The team was helpful and called every week to make sure I was still okay with the rental etc . They did a great job communicating during the whole rental process. Would use again .

  • Kyla Southam   Mar 29, 2024

    I did not get to choose this place it was picked for me when my car had to go into the shop after someone hit me. They messaged me on 3/28 and tried to tell me that I was supposed to return the car on the 27th and would be responsible for paying for the extra day. When I reached out to them about not paying because my paperwork and quote showed The return the 29th. I was then told to take it up with my insurance which I did. The next day the again call to tell me that I have to return the car because insurance is no longer paying and again I had to explain that the error was being fixed and was told the longer I wait the more they charge. They also tried to upgrade me into an suv when I drive a sedan and only wanted a sedan so they could bill the insurance more. This place is a joke.

  • Chris Spencer   Feb 07, 2024

    what a great bunch of people I recommend them hole heartedly, I needed special accommodations for my rental vehicle and they worked hard to get me into the vehicle I needed. When I returned the vehicle it was past the get a ride home time but in kindness Jada and Kendra didn't make me walk and gave me a ride home. If you need a rental go see these ladies you cant go wrong!!!

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