Elk Country Inn

480 W Pearl Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Sharon Cozort   Aug 23, 2022

    This would be an wonderful place to stay, with a great mountain vibe and basic but comfortable accommodations. Unfortunately, hot water is a must by my not-terribly-high standards. When the boiler went out, and we wanted nothing more than a hot shower after a day of travel and hiking, instead of agreeing to my request for even a partial refund, I was told simply they were working on the boiler and it might be repaired at some point. There are a million other hotels in the area … pick one of them.

  • Jytte Carey   Nov 13, 2022

    Very nice cabin, decent breakfast and amazing pool area! The air gets incredibly dry in the cabin in the winter so bringing a humidifier would definitely be helpful. All of us ended up with nose bleeds at night due to the dry air (not the hotels fault, of course). When I booked the cabin I explained that I needed a separate bedroom so my husband and I could enjoy time together, eat, talk, watch TV or play games while our daughter slept so I was disappointed to find that the bedroom wasn't fully separate but rather had an opening towards the living area at the top which completely defeated the purpose of having a separate bedroom to the living area unfortunately. This should've been mentioned to me on the phone when I explained why I needed a separate room. The hotel is an easy walking distance to the town square and there is a great BBQ diner right behind the hotel.

  • Hollz Hastings   Apr 11, 2022

    Stayed in the settler's room, we decided to add an additional night to our stay, and they accommodated us with no inconvenience. Honestly, this hotel has been by far my favorite out of our two week road trip (with our dog) between 3 states. The hospitality and rustic charm truly made our stay relaxing. The room was cozy enough that we spent almost a full day of our trip just relaxing in our room. The lobby remodel is gorgeous and hot chocolate and cookies in the evening is a big 👍. Can't say enough good things. Will only be staying here in the future when we visit.

  • Chasity   Aug 21, 2022

    We loved our stay at this lovely Inn. Our 2 queen loft room was spacious with full kitchen and all the essentials, the separate loft space was perfect for a little privacy. Very clean, bed comfortable, and shower had lots of hot water with good pressure. There is a indoor outdoor heated pool with 2 large jacuzzi tubs and plenty of large pool towels nice lounging areas and fire place. The included breakfast came with many options. Location is within walking distance to restaurants and shopping. The manager Michelle and other staff were so kind and accommodating. She even let my daughter pick out a stuffed animal from the gift shop. She made our stay even better. Highly recommend!

  • Haiyan Qu   Aug 15, 2022

    I decided to book this 2-star hotel when I looked at the newly renovated "castle" building in Google photos, the building looks so magnificent and I have no doubt that this well worth $280 price tag. After I arrived, I looked around in the castle building try to find my room, but I could not locate my room. Soon I realized that this castle building is just the lobby building with very limited rooms, the actual room I booked is located in an older building outside the castle, which is not showed in the photos. These photos are arranged in a way to give you false impression that you are living in the new building. It is kind of embarrassing that you are lost when looking for your room in the Grand building, imagine you will sleep in the magnificent new building, in the end staff escort you out to your side building. To be honest I will not even look at this hotel if not believing that I will sleep in the new grand building. After checking google map, I realized this hotel have new castle grand building (lobby + limited rooms), two side buildings (accommodate most rooms) and many individual cabins. The room I booked is located on one of the side buildings, the building is old and hallway is dark (musty smell). It is obvious hotel put most attention and money into the main lobby/grand building. Room is pretty big with two queen beds, pretty much what to expect from 2-star hotel. Free breakfast is hosted in the main lobby building, very nice. Bacon and eggs are cooked perfectly, very delicious.

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