Elisabeth Trefonas

Trefonas Law PC, East Pearl Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Elisabeth Trefonas owns/operates Trefonas Law, P.C., a law firm that predominantly represents clients in immigration and criminal cases.

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  • Teton Bail Bonds   Mar 29, 2018

    Whatever the need Criminal or immigration you will be well represented here. they are so nice and know their way in the court system.

  • Dan Buddy   Feb 03, 2020

    Elisabeth is one badass mamba-jamba, let me tell you. She is great at what she does and what she does is great. BOOM! Mind blown...

  • Christina Marroquin   Nov 16, 2017

    Personable, professional, and morally attuned. Both Elisabeth and Rosie are extremely kind, honest, and go above and beyond for their clients. I am not a client but the office manager and legal assistant. Love this job! Side note: We are closed the 3rd Friday every month.

  • Tina Babis   Nov 25, 2018

    The team in this law office is simply AMAZING! Elisabeth Trefonas is extremely knowledgeable and, along with her team, she does a great job. They are all of an incommensurable help for our community. Criminal charges or immigration issues: do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help, you will be in the right hands!! *****highly recommended!

  • carlos vargas   Sep 17, 2022

    Very professional and efficient. Ms. Trafonas does an excellent job at thoroughly explaining the legal intricacies one often faces in a court of law. Her caring nature, calm demeanor, yet stern work ethic inspires the courage and confidence one may need during times of uncertainty. In a community ran by 'Big Fish' I certainly appreciate Trafonas Law sticking up for and giving the underdogs a voice to be heard. As always, thank you for all that you are, and all that you do. Ever grateful, C.N.V.

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