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Larsen Family Dentistry: Larsen Scott C DDS, West Big Trail Drive, Jackson, WY, USA

Dr. Scott Larsen of Larsen Family Dentistry has been providing professional dental care to the Jackson Hole community since 2002. Dr. Larsen has now won Gold for Best Dentist in Jackson Hole for an unprecedented 10 years straight, which should tell you something about how his patients feel about him and his work. Larsen Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services, including veneers and implants. They make going to the dentist a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

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  • Emma Barton   Jul 28, 2019

    I have two main experiences that have contributed to my dissatisfaction with Dr. Larsen’s office. 1) They had to put a crown on one of my family members FOUR TIMES because it kept breaking/falling off within hours of her visit due to shoddy application. 2) My mom broke a tooth on 7/22/19 the and was in a considerable amount of pain. She called this office (which had been our regular dentistry for several years) and asked if there was any way she could be seen ASAP to fix it. Most dentists have time set aside daily or every other day for emergency appointments when something like this happens, but this office couldn’t seem to care less. The receptionist very mechanically and unsympathetically said “I can fit you in at the end of August.” When my mother again explained that she had a tooth falling apart and was in pain, and that waiting over a month to fix it was not realistic, the receptionist responded with a very annoyed, “Well, I MIGHT be able to squeeze you in in a couple of weeks.” Again, no sympathy or apology at all. My mom decided to call elsewhere and within MINUTES found another dentist willing to help her at the earliest time possible the very next day. That is what should have happened at Dr. Larsen’s office. Overall very dissatisfied and frankly shocked by these experiences. This office has lost eight patients as a result.

  • Nisha Riggs   May 20, 2021

    The dental hygienists here are the friendliest. They make my cleaning fly by with all the good conversations. We never have to wait and are in chairs right when scheduled. Dr. Larsen is so proactive with our health. I appreciate his focus on research and root causes.

  • Andrew Beaty   Aug 03, 2021

    This has been my family's dentist office for the past few years. Always a fantastic experience. I feel that Dr. Larsen is upfront with his recommendations and will thoroughly explain his position. Compared to other practices that attempt to throw customers directly into major treatment; Dr. Larsen takes a far more conservative stance with major care and positions preventative care and maintenance as the primary solution.

  • Tyler Holt   Jul 24, 2022

    Dr. Larsen and his team are something special. Friendly, professional staff, holistic procedures, fast appointments. I had a large amount of work done in a short time, and every one of my appointments I felt important, as well as taken care of, and always shown concern for my comfort. Dr. Larsen and my hygienist Meagan are so good at giving shots, I almost never even feel them! Will 10/10 recommend this practice to anyone!

  • Always Smooth Waxing Studio   Apr 26, 2022

    This is the most honest Dentist I have even encountered, I travel for 40 minutes to see Dr.Larsen. He is an amazing human being. The staff are wonderful and he saved my oldest daughters teeth. He always finds the way to fix the situation with your teeth and better than any traditional dentist! we love him and we highly recommend him to anyone looking for an holistic dental approach. Thanks Dr.Larsen! Btw, this is Milly,Veronica, and Gaby😊😊

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