Dr. Bruce Hayse

269 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Chris Rudd   Aug 15, 2018

    My husband and I traveled from North Carolina to Jackson Hole. Our blood pressure drugs were lost in airport security. Dr. Hayse was having a busy day but was kind enough to work us in and provide us with prescriptions to last until we returned to North Carolina. A very kind and caring physician,

  • Ginny Shaw   Jun 14, 2016

    Best doctor I have ever had. Truly committed to helping everyone that enters his office. Works all hours until last patient is seen. Follows up promptly when test results come in. Calls you at home to check how you are doing. A very genuine, caring and honorable doctor. I can't say enough good about this amazing man.

  • Mackenzie Downs   May 30, 2019

    Very caring but incredibly unprofessional. I called the office and told him I was going to run out of my meds in 5 days (this was on a Thursday), and asked the receptionist to ask him if I needed to see him again in order to get a refill or if he could just call it in. They never called me so I assumed I got the refill. Many, many calls back and forth between the pharmacy and the Dr. Office, made more complicated by them shutting down on the weekend, and I ran out of meds and have been off them for three days. I don't know, if I was shutting down for the weekend, I'd take care of my patient's meds before shutting down for a couple days. It took me calling every day, but he's always busy or not in. I'm just now finding out (because I called them, not because they called me), I have to make an appointment to get a refill, but here's the catch. I have to wait until he has an opening, and here's the real kicker. He has you sit and wait in his lobby for anywhere from an hour to two hours after your appointment time. Last time I went to him, I was waiting for two hours in the lobby. The time before that, an hour and a half. Incredibly unprofessional. Sure, when you're actually sitting in front of him, he treats you like you matter. But any time between then, it's the opposite. Go to a different doctor who will actually get back to you about your meds and will treat you like your time is valuable.

  • Erin Carroll   Feb 27, 2018

    Dr. Hayse is one of the best doc's I've had the opportunity to work with, and that has been quite a few. When I was a visitor to Jackson, he was the essential factor is stopping/slowing a condition that nearly killed me. His office is true to older times, and requires patience when waiting for an appointment, but I will happily wait or check in and then come back a bit later as the lateness is always due to him taking time with each patient, talking, listening and treating you fully. That is something our current medical system doesn't often allow, and i'm thankful for his choice to practice for people over big business. I consider myself extremely lucky to have Dr. Hayse as my PCP now that I live here permanently.

  • D   Mar 28, 2022

    To all the visitors and new residents to Jackson who just HAD to share a poor rating, Absolutely go somewhere else. If you know Dr Hayse then you know that while you are waiting in his lobby that he is in with a patient giving them ALL the time THEY need, just as he will give you ALL the time YOU need. And your wait might be extended because he NEVER wants to turn away people that are sick and in need of care. And you know why he can't call you immediately back? BecUse between office visits, he is back and forth between the hospital caring for people there too. He is at the hospital while you are still sleeping and generally doesn't end his day until well after your happy hour. You should consider yourself lucky to have such a dedicated old school doctor on your side. You have no idea what this man is about. If you require fancy care in a posh setting, maybe you need to rethink your choice of residence.

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