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Dining In Catering Inc Victor Idaho 83455

Over 25 years of catering, Chef Bill Boney will make your event a delicious success. Fresh and local specialties. Always friendly and professional.

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  • Carol Husbands   Jan 15, 2020

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Many places to see Gods handiwork.

  • Andrew Haiflich   Feb 08, 2020

    I love this place. So beautiful!

  • Lynda Hercus   Feb 05, 2020

    Lovely place to stop for a couple of days when in the area. Lovely town centre.

  • Addy Merrill   Nov 24, 2019

    Jackson Hole is a cool place. Not a ton to do but all the shops are fun to walk around. Very much a tourist town. Taking a picture under the antlers is a must.

  • Candy Watzek   Feb 04, 2020

    Not quiet or quaint like it used to be

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