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Dining In Catering Inc Victor Idaho 83455

Over 25 years of catering, Chef Bill Boney will make your event a delicious success. Fresh and local specialties. Always friendly and professional.

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  • S G   Oct 13, 2020

    Beautiful town but most of the people working there seem like they completely dislike life and tourists. Perhaps it could be the high rent and low wages.

  • Holly Paterno   Jun 16, 2020

    the most wonderful place on earth. wish i could go back so badly

  • Jashan Brar   Jul 12, 2020

    I thought it had tropical weather. I was shocked.

  • Eric Brandenburg   Aug 18, 2020

    Skinny Jeans capital of Wyoming. No real cowboys here...

  • James Evans   Aug 27, 2020

    Amazing, albeit expensive town.

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