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Over 25 years of catering, Chef Bill Boney will make your event a delicious success. Fresh and local specialties. Always friendly and professional.

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  • Amanda Ball   Mar 12, 2022

    We went in early March. Beautiful place. Charming town with tons of neat shops and restaurants. Teton mountains are right there and we got to go through the Elk Refugee where we saw wild elk and sheep.

  • Lauren L   Aug 19, 2022

    Adorable town! Make sure to check out the Antler arch. Parking can be a little tough but the town itself is very walkable. They have some many neat stores and a neat children's store with so many different lego options.

  • Tom & Amie   Aug 26, 2022

    Lots of fun things to look at. Good places to eat and shop at. A bit expensive at most eateries. They have a LULULEMON that is always a bonus for my daughter. Really busy. Cool vibe at night!

  • Terence Hill   May 21, 2022

    I have been to Jackson Hole many times over the years. Especially when I lived in Utah I was up there every few weeks. Since living in Arizona I have not made it up to Jackson Hole. My last trip was back in 2019. Still a very special place to visit.

  • CoCo   Jan 31, 2023

    Beautiful place with majestic views. I’m not a skier but my bf is. He loves the long steep runs here. Me as a photographer, I love the scenery ❤️

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