Detail Driven

940 West Broadway - Jackson, Wy 83001

Detail Driven is an auto detailing facility located in the town of Jackson Wyoming. We specialize in detailing any vehicle back to “like new” condition, applying Paint Protection Film, and Shrink Wrapping boats and trailers for the winter months. Whether you live in beautiful Jackson or if you are just driving through to see our wonderful parks, then there will be a time that you will want to get you vehicle clean up. Our majestic surroundings are great to explore but they are also not very friendly to your vehicle. From all the dirt roads, tree pollen and sap, harsh snow and ice, and sand on the roads during the winter, you need to give us a call and bring your car back to life.

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  • Jennifer Gaudern   Oct 02, 2020

    I am SO disappointed that I just found this FABULOUS auto detailing company after being a Jackson resident for 22 years! Mostly because I most likely have spent thousands of dollars at gas station car washes!! Superb detailing job on my SUV inside and out including wheels and complete with a paper drivers side mat upon its on time return to me! Sarah in the front of the house it very friendly, competent, knowledgeable, and made my overall experience fantastic! Thank you DETAIL DRIVEN! Jennifer Gaudern

  • micah burke   Feb 16, 2021

    AMAZING!!! We were getting our car ready to sell that had been used and abused by toddlers. I was hoping that the evidence of the stuck in various snacks that had been cemented into the carpet could maybe be lightened, but I was tempering my expectations. When I picked up our vehicle I was shocked with how they had essentially erased all the damage my kids had done. If you have a nitty gritty job and want fast service look no further than Detail Driven!

  • Lucas Taylor   Feb 23, 2023

    Cleaned every possible area. Eliminated any evidence of toddler mess. Highly recommend Detail Driven for a thorough and prompt service.

  • Corie Bauman   Sep 16, 2022

    Highly recommend. They buffed out scratches and the truck looks good as new! They also took me to work while they worked on the vehicle and also delivered the truck to the airport. Both of the ladies in the office were wonderful as well.

  • Mary Tisi   Aug 21, 2022

    My home was getting stained while I was away on vacation. I came home to find my car body and windshield had house stain sprayed all over it as well. It was a bigger restore job than my appointment would normally accommodate but over 9+ hours later (on a Friday night no less) the car looked like new. They are thorough and efficient. I have used them before and have always had a consistently great experience. It is also great to see JHHS alumni working there! I would never hesitate to recommend them.

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