Dental Care of Jackson Hole

W Broadway #610, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Sarah Dunn   Mar 05, 2024

    This was a dentist experience unlike any I’ve had before. Friendly and skilled staff, professional, quick scheduling, plus - get this - the exam chair also gave a massage! Not exactly necessary but a very pleasant surprise. I’ve found a new dentist; no reason not to keep going back.

  • Isabel Lester   Feb 07, 2024

    Awesome staff with really kind people. I went in on Feb 7 and there was festive Valentine’s Day decor all around the office, including hershies kisses underneath the glass check-in counter. Clean, efficient, and great music!

  • Mark Smith   May 14, 2024

    Dr. Paula & Her Staff are always exceptional ... Friendly & Very Professional ... I've known most of them for sometime & it's always a Pleasure having them serve me ... Good Job Guys!~

  • Mark Riegel   Jan 17, 2024

    Shady business and complete lack of transparency I went in for a routine lower retainer repair- the wire had popped off on one side. Dr. Schmidt looked at the break, went ahead and re-glued it back on, and THEN proceeded to tell me that I could get a more permanent solution at an orthodontist. Implying that her work wasn't the best solution I could have received. One day later, my retainer popped right off again after I bit into a granola bar. I called politely asking for a refund and was sent to voicemail. After finally getting a hold of them a few weeks later, they refused my refund stating that I had all the information I needed prior to the procedure. But if I knew I could get a better fix at an orthodontist I would have walked out of the establishment immediately. (again, she did not tell me this until AFTER she had already done the procedure.) Now I'm $160 in the hole and needing further repairs. I am absolutely stunned that an establishment could be so greedy and lack so much ethics, especially in a town where a lot of us live paycheck to paycheck and are paying these kinds of expenses out of pocket. As someone in a position of expertise, Dr. Schmidt has a responsibility to provide full transparency for her clients before every procedure, including the notion that I could have received better, more effective care elsewhere. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • Charles “D”   Apr 23, 2024

    Excellent team, as everyone you speak with is attentive to every fine detail and ensures everything you say I heard by everyone you see from the moment you walk in. On top of attention to detail, they really care to get to know you and what dental care you require. Dr. Braiden Jorgensen was awesome - as my Dr. he was very knowledgeable, and has a meticulously calming and ‘slow and steady’ process that is impressive, to say the least. I felt that I was in good hands, and would highly recommend the Dental Care of Jackson Hole Team! Thanks!

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