Curran-Seeley Foundation

610 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Anton Isayev   Jul 10, 2017
  • Daniel Radovitch   May 10, 2022

    I got a DUI, went these folks. They helped me figure out why I drank and drive. I even got closure on something that been bugging, good smart people, keep up the good work.

  • Brandon Macmaster   Mar 05, 2016

    Not a place to go for treatment. They are trained to tell you that your an out of control addict. 40 to 60 % of people who get caught with alcohol and drugs are proven not to be addicts. Grand teton councling is preferred for many people here in the system. Curran Seally is an extortion ring with the courts

  • Miranda L   May 06, 2016

    Super dissatisfied. This place is great if you want to listen to counselors glorify their glory days. Or if you are a robot. This place doesn't teach you how to fight addiction or to cope. They penalize you for asking to learn something, instead of sitting in group just talking about your week. I would not recommend this place for your children or adults it's basically a way to bunch up the users and watch them fail so they can make money. The only reason I placed a star was because it wouldn't let me post other wise.

  • Kayla Schumann   Apr 13, 2017

    My time at Curran-Seeley is, to date, the most important time in my life. Thanks to their empathetic, kind counselors, and elastic curriculum, I have been able to maintain my sobriety for over 5 years. The coping tools that Curran-Seeley helped me cultivate have been priceless and crucial to my ongoing success in sobriety. Accepting personal responsibility is hard (which, I suspect is the cause of these lower ratings), but when I finished treatment at Curran-Seeley, I was emotionally stronger, had rediscovered my morals/values, and became a person whose skills and talents have been employed to help others who are struggling. I owe my life to my time spent with Curran-Seeley.

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