Creative Energies

Creative Energies Solar, Victor ID, 7547 Lupine Lane, Victor, ID 83455, USA

  • Don Jakovac   Aug 25, 2022

    Great to work with, did a nice clean install and respond well to questions and issues after the install. The system works very well and it is nice to have a low or no power bill.

  • F. Dixon Nahrwold   Dec 11, 2022

    I put off installing solar for a long time based on second hand horror stories from other people. Fortunately, CE not only did not cause me any of the problems I had heard of, but Tom and the rest of the crew I worked with throughout the process were able to meet every issue I brought up or caused with no problem. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Creative Energies to anyone.

  • Donald Kirk   Nov 16, 2022

    They have been awesome to work with start to finish. We had to have a lot of communication to ensure everything was ready on their part and our part. Our communication was easily accomplished, but only done when necessary. Once the project was completed in a very timely manner, I literally only had to flip 2 switches, one for the panels and 1 for the battery. We are instantly producing electricity. Donald Kirk

  • Lisa & John Marno   Jul 18, 2022

    We hired Creative Energies to install solar panels on our shop. There was an unforeseen problem with the older wiring which was not discovered until it was time to flip the switch and begin harvesting sunshine. Creative Energies stuck with the project even though there was an added cost to them (and us). They were professional and competent to get us hooked up as soon as possible. We are grateful we chose them for our solar project. It could have been a disaster instead of a glitch! Everything has been running smoothly since they turned it on. Highly Recommend!

  • David Lloyd   Jul 19, 2022

    We installed solar panels at our home in Jackson this spring. Creative Energies handled everything from design to installation and permitting very professionally! The system works great and we are actually generating more power during the summer than we use. The Creative Energies team was very communicative and worked through challenges from weather to supply chain without missing a beat. Highly recommend!

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