3345 Village Dr, Teton Village, WY 83025, USA

The Bar at Continuum is a the village’s social hub. Hosting parties, events and live music all designed by the Teton Gravity Research experience.

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  • RX Productions   Aug 08, 2023

    Edit: After speaking to the hotel, it took about a week but they did find the charges for food to my room were incorrect and I did get a refund for that amount. I do appreciate that. I'm not sure how charges like that would occur on my room but I'm thankful for the refund. I would recommend checking your statements and being thorough. We stayed in a loft with kitchenette. I would not consider it a kitchenette. There is a microwave, sink and fridge. That's pretty standard for any room. The loft upstairs got VERY hot. The AC could not keep up. My kids were freezing downstairs and it had to be over 80 degrees upstairs. We booked on a 3rd party website. The hotel charged us $320 more than the booking and said it was taxes and fees. They also charged $100 to our room for food. We literally never ate anything from the hotel. I tried to dispute the charges but they were firm. They sent me a generic receipt that didn't show what was ordered it just said lunch service on several different line items. The hot tub was broken as well. The area is beautiful but I would recommend a different lodging at the resort for a better experience.

  • Paula Scales   Aug 19, 2023

    The location was great. The room was average. The air conditioning barely cooled the room. The patio door needed to be fixed. Had to pull hard to close the front door and bump it with your hip to open it. The service from the front desk was horrible. They said they would email the hotel receipt when we checked out. 24 hrs later we still had not received the receipt so we called and the young lady that answered had no idea on how to send us a copy and she could not explain why we had extra pending charges of $630 on our credit card. She hung up the phone when I asked to speak to a manager. Customer service is not a priority there.

  • Austin Sorensen   Jul 27, 2023

    We stayed in July and was very disappointed. The pictures of the hotel do not accurately represent this old dirty hotel. The location was terrible as we found nothing was open on a Friday. The room we were in was dirty, small, and nothing like the pictures. The hot tub was broken. The pool area was full of people smoking. The ice machines were broken and the staff was nowhere to be found. They stocked the rooms with decaf coffee rather than both options. Lastly the lack of insulation caused us to be woken up because all we could hear was people walking and stomping over us all night. I would never recommend this hotel. Save your money and stay in Jackson instead.

  • Victoria H   Aug 02, 2023

    Beautiful hotel in Teton village. Staff was nice in particular the waiter who served breakfast on Sunday but we were a bit disappointed that there was no waiting staff for breakfast on Saturday morning and so we had to go somewhere else to find breakfast. Breakfast was actually better at the Italian in the hotel opposite. I had oatmeal in both places and also the Italian had fresh pastries. But hotel itself is great, has plenty of parking and a nice pool

  • karen cipriani   Aug 26, 2023

    DO NOT STAY HERE!! I recently had the unfortunate experience of staying at this hotel, and I must say it fell far short of my expectations. To put it plainly, I cannot recommend it. First and foremost, the staff's attitude left a lot to be desired. Their rudeness and lack of professionalism were evident from the moment I arrived. It's disheartening when a hotel that touts hospitality fails so miserably in delivering it. Moreover, the price I paid for my stay did not align with the value received. I had anticipated a comfortable and enjoyable stay, but the reality was quite the opposite. The amenities and services provided simply did not justify the cost. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect was the condition of the room. It was a far cry from the images displayed on the hotel's website. The discrepancy between the photos and the actual room was quite stark. The room was dated, showing signs of wear and tear, and lacked the promised level of comfort and luxury. In conclusion, my experience at this hotel was marred by rude staff, a lack of value for the price paid, and rooms that did not match the advertised quality. I regretfully cannot recommend this establishment to fellow travelers seeking a pleasant and satisfying stay. It's essential to manage expectations when considering this hotel, as the reality may not live up to the glossy images presented online.

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