Chill Spa at Hotel Terra

3335 Village Dr, Teton Village, WY 83025, USA

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  • Candy Hawkins   Jun 12, 2021

    They schedule the wrong services and seemed not ready for service.

  • Dj Flawless   Feb 01, 2020

    Hmm😒. The director and lead therapist are wonderful people. Aside from that, I'll keep my peace and not speak on it.

  • Jacky OB   Aug 19, 2021

    Unfortunately, this is the first negative review I have felt compelled to write online. We showed up for two facials on August 18 that had been scheduled via phone with the spa on August 8th. The manager told us that there was absolutely nothing under our name, that they had no reservations for us in the past 10 days or next 10 days and that there was nothing they could do. It felt very hostile with the manager acting as if we were hallucinating making this appointment. Luckily, we were able to find another place in town that was open, so we eventually figured not that big of a deal. That was until we checked out card and saw that we had $300 in charges from the spa from August 11. I called and notified the manager who said they would contact accounting and call us back. I heard nothing for three hours so I tried calling again - no answer. I eventually have a missed call at 7 pm, telling us that we had scheduled an appointment for August 11 that we missed and therefore we were charged the totality of the appointments as a no show fee. This never would have been the case as we were not even in town on August 11 and we did not have a confirmation email anywhere confirming this appointment. This also contradicted the manager's earlier statement that there was absolutely nothing under our name. I left a voicemail stating that we would not pay $300 for a scheduling mistake on their end. The next day the manager called me back and again tried to assert that we had made an appointment for a day we were not in the village. I told her that I refused to pay this charge and she then agreed to waive it, acting as if she was doing me a favor for what was clearly a clerical mistake on their end. Things like this happen (people might click the wrong day when someone calls to make an appointment), which is okay, but there was no acceptance of responsibility. All in all, it felt like they were trying to take $300 from us while providing no service, and the interactions were immediately disrespectful from the very start. At the very least, they should have offered to assist in rescheduling or offered a minimal apology for whatever happened on their end when we first showed up to find our appointment had not been input in their system. The exact opposite happened. I would avoid at all costs.

  • Francine Dang   Jul 11, 2021

    Amazing experience, amazing people, I never wanted to leave! I had trouble booking online, so I called and Natalie was the most patient and kind person to explain everything to me. When I met her the next day, she gave me a tour and even found a hair tie for me when I misplaced mine. She's really the best, such an angel, and makes you feel so welcomed. I had a 50 min deep tissue massage from Amanda and I wish I lived in the area. I'd be a regular! Can't wait to come back. Thank you Chill Spa!

  • Alexis Franklin   Jul 03, 2022

    I had a CBD massage here and it was great. But let’s start of first with the facilities. Girllll sit down, there’s a lot. The facilities were on the top floor which seemed neat with the hot tub on the roof. The low ceiling gave a “built as an after thought vibe” or just pretty outdated compared to how amazing the rest of the hotel is. The spa is not cohesive design wise with the hotel and can use a face lift. Apparently I was the only person booked for that day. Not sure if it was low staff or slow season(probably both). Aside from the attic early 2000’s aesthetic they had a little of everything and the lounge was very relaxing(they have amazing huckleberry tea there too!). Layout wise I would not put the product and boutique next to the lounge and away from the front desk. Just feels awkward and could double as an open boutique to the public if it wasn’t so hidden. The cbd massage was wonderful, and I left on cloud 9 for sure. I recommend this service to anyone and would come back to the hotel and spa for sure. I wish I could remember my massage therapist name to recommend but like I said I was in bliss from relaxation. 5stars for the service -1 for lack of plus size robes(took a while to find one)

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