Champu Salon

1160 Alpine Ln, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Linda Nazario   Jul 27, 2022

    I had a. Appointment but when I showed up women told me stylist called in sick which I understand but made no attempt to get another stylist and I am sure I wasn't the customer the stylish had. I told the receptionist ihaveto go to a wedding but she made no attempt to help a d she was very uncaring

  • Gretchen Spankie   Dec 08, 2022

    What a great place! Love the staff and their abilities! They saved my son’s chlorinated hair 💪❤️

  • Matia Wilson   Dec 08, 2022

    Ive been in to see May about 4 times now and I can't recommend her enough. She took me to the exact chocolate brown color I wanted while keeping some dimension to it. She also added layers and curtain bangs that have been the easiest to maintain and grow out flawlessly. Plus she's fun and easy to chat with

  • Marki Wang   Jan 21, 2023

    I've been to see May multiple times and she does not disappoint! She did exactly what I asked for and worked with me to get my desired look. She was a pleasure to sit with and there was never a dull moment! The salon itself got a remodel and I love what they did with the place. They even offer nice drinks and have great music. All around wonderful experience! Don't miss out, book with May or any of the very talented and reputable stylists at Champu, whether you're visiting or live in Jackson. You'll be so happy you did!

  • Brayan Y.G.H   Jan 25, 2022

    So yesterday I got a haircut at this place around 3:30pm, at first for the first 5 minutes I thought this was going great, but I started noticing the the girl that was cutting my hair didn't know to to cut sort hair at all or more specifically how to do a fate. She started cutting in the sides and was dropping everything, and was also picking up everything while still holding my hair, anyways at some point when cutting my hair she cut my ear with her scissors *which I should have just said stop and walked away by then* also mind at I wasn't moving at all this hole time, she did gave me something to stop the bleeding. She proceeded to try to give me a line in the fade and as you can see by the picture it didn't go well either *cuz that gave me a rash* somehow she managed to always get everything to pull the tip of my hear, fingers, hair brush, hair clippers, and as I mentioned earlier scissors as well too. Also when trying to get an inch of hair from the top she was pulling my hair too hard and didn't spray water in my hair at all which should have helped with that and in this process she was pocking my eyes somehow, while also digging her nails into my skull. This whole process lasted too long *ended at 5:00pm*and ended up not getting the haircut that I wanted, but thanks to this experience I realize that haircuts can actually hurt...

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