Calico Restaurant and Bar

2650 Moose Wilson Rd, Jackson, WY 83001, United States

Calico Restaurant & Bar is a classic American-Italian restaurant serving pizza, pasta, and entrees all made fresh in-house. One of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Jackson, Calico is a place where locals and visitors alike enjoy locally-sourced food in a casual, friendly environment. During the summer, hang out on the beautiful, spacious lawn while eating family-friendly italian fare from the Yard Bar open daily at 5pm. Satisfy your post-hike, carbohydrate-filled cravings with the wood-fired Ski Bum za and classic Spaghetti & Meatballs. 

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  • Eric Hoffman   Jul 16, 2020

    Great experience, great food! We were greeted at the entrance by the owner and had a party of 9. We didn’t have a reservation but they made room for us. Our 5 kids were able to play ball in the amazing yard next to our table. Everything from the spicy margaritas, appetizers and entrees were amazing! We like it so much we made a reservation for 2 days from now!!

  • Chris Luke   Jun 21, 2020

    Great price point, food amazing, staff was attentive and out going. The setting could not be more perfect, and the gardens are on point. The moose did not have reservations and was politely asked to leave

  • Nick Perry   Sep 16, 2020

    I called the restaurant tonight to ask a question and was rushed off the phone. I went ahead and ordered the pizzas for my family online. When I went to pickup the pizzas the girl at the hostess stand seemed to have an attitude (probably the same person that rushed me on the phone). When I received my pizzas she didn’t say have a good night, enjoy, nothing. She definitely seemed like I bothered her to get my order. I spent $85 on three medium pizzas. When I got the pizzas home they weren’t even cut right. The pizza was good but the hostess tonight on 9/16 around 8pm needs a customer service class.

  • Mike Hendron   Jul 05, 2020

    Excellent food and a beautiful setting. Gourmet menu with a mix of dishes, including pizza. Pricey, but worth it. We went during pandemic restrictions and they did an amazing job of accommodating everyone. The gardens are beautiful and a nice place to wander while you wait for a table.

  • Hongdi Zhao   Aug 29, 2020

    We ordered pizza, lasagna, and chicken Alfredo. Five stars for the lasagna and Alfredo, and four stars for the pizza. Make sure to book the table in advance to avoid waiting!

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