Bubba’s BBQ Restaurant

100 Flat Creek Dr, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Nolan Aker   Jul 09, 2020

    The brisket was great. Tender, juicy, flavorful, and smokey. The pulled pork was good too, but nothing special. My uncle ordered the bacon buffalo burger, and said it was very dry. Their outdoor seating was just park benches, but I can’t blame all these small businesses for not having great outdoor seating when they’re basically forced to have it now. The servers seemed a little scattered, but our food came timely and correct so I won’t hold it against them. If you want good brisket, come here.

  • Kira P   Aug 29, 2020

    The staff was very attentive. The food came out super fast. The only thing I'd change is the consistency of the hollandaise sauce. It was very thick.. nearly pudding.

  • Mariano Family   Jul 19, 2020

    Everything delicious! Onion rings for appetizer. My boyfriend had the St. Louis ribs and I Baby Back ribs. Sides mac n cheese, baked beans, potato salad and fries. Of course we had leftovers. Big portions! Love it!😋❤

  • Jay Fishman   Aug 12, 2020

    Got carryout last night for two people. Cost $48. Way overpriced for what you get. But I guess that's Jackson Hole in general? Our order was paid for and sitting right up front with my name on it but they wouldn't just hand it to me and be on my way. They first had to satisfy someone whose order was messed up. So, my $50 food bag sits there while they fix a mistake? Not good customer service. They asked if I wanted toppings on my baked potato. I said yes. Didn't get them. The Mac & Cheese is like from a can. The pulled pork and the brisket were decent although the port needed more sauce so we walked back to the restaurant to get some of that. Too much money for just average food and so-so service. If you get carryout, take the time to check everything before you leave. This place is a one and done for us.

  • Maggie R   Aug 24, 2020

    Bubba’s was delicious! My family of five ate there for breakfast and dinner on the same day last week. Our breakfast was fresh, hot and tasty! That’s ultimately why we went back for dinner that night. For dinner, my husband ordered a Fish Sandwich and I had the BBQ Ranch Salad. Both of them tasted so good! My salad had a lot of toppings and the dressing just added to it all. Our kids loved what they ordered also. For dessert we had Bomboloni. On my gosh. We only ordered one order to share between all five of us but really, I could’ve eaten one order all by myself! As a side note- we had the same waitress for breakfast and dinner that day. She was great! Very responsive, answered our questions well and was really helpful. She had an accent, long dark hair. She was great!

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