Bubba’s BBQ Restaurant

100 Flat Creek Dr, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Anna Schaaf   Jun 16, 2020

    We went to Bubba’s BBQ on June 14th. We were sat but waited a long time for a waiter to serve us. We watched people that came in twenty minutes after us get their drinks first. Then I watched our waiter pick up plates from other tables use their fork and knife to knock off the food into the trash. Then he went to the screen touching it with same hands without washing. Then the next waitress used the same a screen, while our waiter went to get the food for the people who came in twenty minutes after us. Never washed his hands or sanitized with anything. In all this COVID stuff it is disturbing. Then our waiter gave our food to someone else and had to have a new plate made for us while we waited longer. Bad bad bad service.

  • Grant Goldberg   Jun 16, 2020

    Bubba's had the best ribs!. Got the Ribs Combo w/ fries and their famous beans. Delicious. Will be coming back when I'm in town again.

  • Elle Bea   May 23, 2020

    My husband and I went here one snowy morning in May. We decided to stop in for a meal. Breakfast was DELICIOUS! I had an elk sausage Benedict. The restaurant was very cleanly. My boo said the only thing negative was no nice “goodbye” when we left. We highly recommend. Yum!!

  • Aldi Meow   May 30, 2020

    My family and I have been in Jackson for the past 5 days and finding the most “delicious” food has been a challenge. After eating at Bubba’s bbq today, I can say without a doubt that this was THE best food we’ve had here so far. Delicious food and great atmosphere. Great quick service which made eating out with little kiddos a lot easier! Their buffalo wings are one of a kind!! Definitely recommend checking it out!!! Don’t think about it twice!

  • Alexis Berardi   Jun 07, 2020

    We are originally from Texas, and that's important because we know BBQ. Kids got mac, I got grilled chicken sandwich and my Mum got a pulled BBQ sandwich. Our appetizer was the onion rings. The kid platters were pretty nice! Real macaroni, sauce was kind of watery and the flavor was more on the bland side, but it wasn't bad. They got fries, and I didn't even realize it came with a giant piece of toast; very good. My mother really enjoyed her BBQ sandwich, and the portion was generous. My chicken was dry and so small, as well as bland! I was disappointed, but the sauce that came with the onion rings MADE IT. Literally saved that sandwich with that sauce, which tasted like they took their house BBQ sauce and mixed it with another condiment or two. Service was okay, pricing was slightly higher than what I felt was warranted.

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