Browse ’N Buy

139 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

This institution of Jackson is not only a favorite shopping spot for locals, but is also a must-stop for tourists!

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  • Vicki Moody   Jul 21, 2018

    Clothing is priced good. Shoes are way overpriced. Small space but well organized. Hot in the building. Did come away with some good buys.

  • Marnie De Bois   Aug 31, 2019

    Never Again!!! So dissatisfied with staff!! Talked down too, treated rudely and told to just toss or recycle ♻ our items. Would not take desirable /sellable items as they were "dusty!!?!" (wth?) Also could not pull into park as employees blocked spaces with their Jeep parked crossways. I refuse to allow these folks to make a profit off of me again!!!!🤬

  • Nelly W   Oct 09, 2019

    Today Oct 9, 19 around 1:30 p.m. I went to the register to pay my purchase, a western blue blouse, a black blazer and a bk skirt. The woman on the left side register as I was facing the counter who helped me said the no price skirt was $8 not as the sign said $3.50, and she didn't offer to double check the price and she discarded it in the return basket ... I bought it anyway... I paid with my Discover credit card and she said the Discover card must be from another country since it didn't go through...???!!! I paid with my Visa. I asked for the receipt and she said she couldn't give me one because I didn't punch the card reader. And she ended up not giving me a receipt. Discover card is taken in all over the world and it doesn't matter what country it is originated...I'm an American citizen from Asian descent and I felt discriminated against.

  • Bill Lucas   Jun 09, 2018

    A nice diversion from the high end shops in town.

  • Lucy Potter   Aug 01, 2019

    A fabulous selection of clothes! I tried on about 7 items and bought 3 of them. Decent prices and nice high end sportswear (because of location and donating demographic). They also had a good belt section and books in the back.

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