Brian Prax

185 Powderhorn Ln, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Melinda Binks   Oct 09, 2018

    Brian Prax is excellent. He is thorough and up to speed on the latest. He helped me recover from a blown ACL. He also helped my mom when she came to town after a knee replacement. Totally recommend. He works with people ranging from athletes to the elderly.

  • Christopher Borgert   Oct 17, 2018

    Brian is fantastic - he knows his stuff better than most, makes sure he has all the information so he can help you best as an individual patient, and is very easy to work with from a business and scheduling standpoint. He's helped me a ton with my tendon injury, and I've learned a lot about my joints along the way. Everything you want in a PT. Plus he's a cool dude!

  • Kathryn M. Turner   May 08, 2019

    Brian Prax helped me rehab my knee after ACL,meniscus surgery. His strategic approach to recover is based on his extensive understanding of physiology. Thanks to his help, I made strong progress and am expecting to be fully recovered.

  • Anne Ladd   Dec 12, 2019

    Brian's ability to treat my injury and get me back to normal activity blew my mind. He is tremendously knowledgable, skilled, and intuitive. The PT exercises he recommended were creative and successful. I am beyond grateful.

  • Debby Hopkins   Jan 28, 2020

    In March of 2019 I fell off a ladder and really damaged my shoulder. I was able to avoid surgery but clearly needed help in recovery. Feeling quite frustrated after trying 3 other PT’s, I was fortunate to have a friend recommend Brian. His process in diagnosing the challenges was far more in depth. He does a great deal of measuring to establish mobility. He is the only one with you during the entire appointment. He is completely focused on you and your progress. The exercises he prescribed for home were extremely helpful. After three months I am close to 100%. Very grateful.

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