Bread Basket of Jackson

185 Scott Ln, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Molly Stewart   Aug 03, 2020

    We stopped to pick up some sandwiches, drinks, and snacks to take back into the park and eat. We called ahead and ordered 2 croissant ham & swiss sandwiches and a turkey gorgonzola, with 3 drinks. We asked to hold the jalepenos, avocado, and tomato on two sandwiches. My husband got a brownie and 2 sugar cookies when he went in to pick it up. Our total for the above mentioned food was $33. When we opened our sandwiches, 2/3 had items we’d asked them to take off. Husband went back in and said they were very friendly and remade the sandwiches. It appears to be a husband/wife duo and there was definitely a language barrier, even for my husband who speaks some Spanish. I think this is what led to order our being incorrect when we picked it up. Anywho, the sandwiches were fine but absolutely something we could’ve made from a run to the grocery store. It came wrapped in foil and the meat, cheese, and bread all tasted exactly like something you’d buy at a grocery store deli. They only had canned/bottled beverages, but the drinks & choices were fine. The brownie was extremely stale but the sugar cookies were huge and delicious. The place itself was clean and the staff were friendly. Overall, based on the food we tried, I wouldn’t recommend it because we could have put together the same meal for much less from the grocery store.

  • Stephen Banker   Aug 14, 2019

    Absolutely the best Mexican bakery I've ever been to! Great selection and everything was amazing. We bought a box of pastries home for our children to share. Very reasonable prices. We will always make this a priority stop when in Jackson again.

  • doreen s   Sep 10, 2019

    I searched on line for a place to eat. The pictures look delicious. At 3:50 on 9/10/19 we walked into the store. No one was there to greet us. No problem. We saw the menu board and made our selection. Still no one came around the corner. Because I was hungry, we waited. After 10 minutes no one was there. Thank goodness we are honest people, we could have stuffed our pockets!!! We left empty handed and empty stomachs!!! I even jingled the bells on the door EXTRA so anyone inside could hear us leaving!!! I sure wish I could rate this place on the food and not the lack of service!

  • Chris Turner   Nov 25, 2022

    A great place to visit and eat for tasty treats. Staff is friendly. Call ahead though as the hours and days open may fluctuate slightly depending upon the season. (I went there and hours on door said they were open, though they were still closed)

  • Camry Lefort   Jun 03, 2022

    Delicious sandwiches! We got the cran-turkey pesto and cran-turkey brie. Both were great. Fast, friendly service. Would definitely get again

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