Boulder Bar & Grill

Boulder Store, 8782 U.S. 191, Boulder, WY 82923, USA

  • Dan Stead   May 05, 2024

    If you smoke you wont notice the bad food

  • Mike A   Aug 01, 2022

    Just because it's the only place to eat in town doesn't mean it's not the best! I love this bar and grill and come here regularly. It's simple, clean, and comfortable. They have a huge menu that includes local grass-fed beef. Amazing breakfasts, lunches, and dinner. Just don't expect rush service, this is Wyoming where people do things at a leisurely pace - which is a good thing. Belly up to the bar after your meal and digest with a drink.

  • Amberlynn Porterfield   Jun 28, 2023

    Food is average grill food which normally wouldn't deserve such a low star rating. But and its a big but, once every few months we try here again to see if the service has change. It has not. Service is extremley slow even when the food side is not busy. If ordering from here, double the wait time. We ordered at 6:10pm and were gievn a 25 minite wait time. They called me back at 6:32pm saying whoever took my order didn't finish writing it down and they had questions on it. It is now 7:05pm and we are still waiting in the parking lot. We ordered a double bacon cheddar burger and chicken strip basket, both with fries and fry sauce. ***Update a full hour after ordering 2 meals to go, we finally got it ay 7:14pm. Fries are either not fresh or not fired long enough. No bacon on the cheeseburger and american cheese instead of cheddar***

  • Kim Reeves   Aug 05, 2023

    We only had breakfast twice while staying in Boulder. Service was slow but it appeared there was one person doing a lot of the work. We did find the bill a bit confusing the second time we ate there. The first time we ordered the breakfast burrito which was fantastic. We never felt the need to eat lunch. On our second visit we ordered the Big Breakfast which was listed as $14 on the menu. Our food came out barely warm but then we felt burned at the end when we got the bill. We were charged an extra dollar for each Big Breakfast item we ordered which appeared to be associated to the way the eggs were prepared, based on the bill. When I asked about this, the server had no answer whatsoever. Well, we were told she's worked there over 12 years and that's the way it's always been. If you're going to charge me $15 instead of $14 then just show $15 on the menu. At least there's an answer. "Just the way it's always been", is not an answer so unfortunately, that extra charge was applied to the tip. It's only a couple of dollars but have an answer and don't make customers feel like they are being taken advantage of.

  • wyatt rommel   Apr 04, 2024

    I'll admit. I had my doubts, being it's in the middle of nowhere and isn't what I'm used to from the city. This is what IHOP and Dennys strive to be. The food was so amazing. Best food I've had in a minute. We stopped for breakfast and I can say I wish I loved closer to come more often.

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