Bodega - Specialty Grocer & Bottle Shop

Located at the base of Teton Village, Bodega is a one-stop shop with a vast assortment of gourmet groceries, beverages, and fresh-made foods.

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  • Jamey Cabot   Jun 17, 2022

    I almost never write reviews but I had to rate this place. I wish I could give 10 stars. What a gem! The Wu Tang sloshie is one of the absolute best drinks I've ever tasted. Great fresh sandwiches and salads every time I've been. The staff is top as well. I absolutely recommend! Love Bodega!

  • Mark Nicholas   Jan 27, 2023

    This place gets 5 stars because the people that run and manage it are awesome! It has most of what you need, and if they are our of something, they'll work to get it for you. Love these people! Great quick-stop for wine or spirits and some grab-n-go 🌯 wraps and burritos!

  • Leslie Faulkner   Feb 09, 2024

    Such a nice little grocery/station. A good selection of food, goodies, and alcoholic slushies. It may not have everything you need but close to it.

  • szabolcs nagy   Oct 19, 2020

    Nice little gas station, small grocery and eatery. This place is located just at the entrance of Teton Village, at the base if the ski resort. I like to get a cup of coffee here once in a while and a burrito here n there. The Bodega has a small food truck/trailer where you can grab a hot sandwich for lunch. This place has great outdoor seating during the summer and winter. I almost forgot, decent hot soups.

  • b smith   Jul 06, 2023

    Five stars! Best spicy chicken sandwich I've ever had in my life. Tater tots were awesome the roasted corn was superb as well as the street tacos. It's a food truck next to the gas station with a nice picnic area adjacent.

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