Bodega - Specialty Grocer & Bottle Shop

Located at the base of Teton Village, Bodega is a one-stop shop with a vast assortment of gourmet groceries, beverages, and fresh-made foods.

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  • larry riddle   Mar 13, 2020

    Friendly staff, and awesome wine selection. Most all the little things you need while you're in the lil village. If it's summer, walk up that mountain train. Its amazing!

  • Sara Rose   Jan 06, 2021

    Horribly overpriced store that has no problem with bro's hanging out and drinking in the parking lot but has a problem with someone parking for half an hour. Mostly great staff except the bald guy.

  • Andrew Pham   Feb 12, 2021

    I stopped by here everyday while snowboarding in Jackson. They had a great coffee, good selection of local craft beer, and cheap bites (Veggie Burrito....mmmm)

  • Lazy Lizard Gaming   Jan 04, 2021

    Convenient, staff is always friendly and hospitable , and they have a much wider selection of food and beverages than you’d probably think from looking at it from the outside. The food truck they have outside is great for a quick stop and bite to eat, and you can’t go to this bodega without getting one of their famous sloshies(they’re great).

  • szabolcs nagy   Oct 19, 2020

    Nice little gas station, small grocery and eatery. This place is located just at the entrance of Teton Village, at the base if the ski resort. I like to get a cup of coffee here once in a while and a burrito here n there. The Bodega has a small food truck/trailer where you can grab a hot sandwich for lunch. This place has great outdoor seating during the summer and winter. I almost forgot, decent hot soups.

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