Bodega - Specialty Grocer & Bottle Shop

Located at the base of Teton Village, Bodega is a one-stop shop with a vast assortment of gourmet groceries, beverages, and fresh-made foods.

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  • Alex Kirk   Jul 14, 2021

    Bottle sweet tea $4 when in Albertsons $1 , I’m understand double- but not four times more ! That’s overpriced

  • Jared Lynch   Aug 30, 2021

    Great products, great manager, cute staff

  • szabolcs nagy   Oct 19, 2020

    Nice little gas station, small grocery and eatery. This place is located just at the entrance of Teton Village, at the base if the ski resort. I like to get a cup of coffee here once in a while and a burrito here n there. The Bodega has a small food truck/trailer where you can grab a hot sandwich for lunch. This place has great outdoor seating during the summer and winter. I almost forgot, decent hot soups.

  • Becca Budke   Sep 25, 2021

    Got a ham sandwich and the bread on the bottom was soggy it wouldn’t hold up and the bread on the top was hard as a rock I couldn’t get my nail through it. Wouldnt recommend, especially for a $9 sandwich

  • Scott Shine   Aug 04, 2021

    Wonderful people! We walked in delirious and desperate for food for 12 after a long day at Yellowstone and being turned away at every restaurant. They recognized our trouble and jumped into action with pizzas and lasagna from the back. Perfect! Truly a lifesaver!

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