The Blue Lion

Blue Lion Jackson Wyoming 83001-1128

Since 1978, The Blue Lion has been serving French-inspired food in a small historic house in downtown Jackson. Forty-one years later The Blue Lion remains a fixture of the Jackson Hole fine dining scene. Starting at 5:30pm nightly, they serve up house specialties that range from cream cheese stuffed mushrooms to racks of lamb and elk tenderloin. In a refreshing throw-back to traditional restaurant dining, each entree also comes with a dinner salad. They also have live acoustic guitar music accompanying dinner almost every night, which makes this one of the Best Date Night spots in town. One of Jackson’s oldest fine dining establishments! Our signature rack of lamb and classic entree selections are available year round. Β 

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  • Emily Gilloon   Aug 12, 2021

    My husband and I had reservations for the patio at the Blue Lion. When the time came we were exhausted and it was absolutely POURING outside. We considered cancelling but I’m SO glad we didn’t. We showed up totally underdressed (it’s fancy for Jackson which is a typically casual town), 10 minutes late, and they led us to the most intimate table upstairs in the corner. I had made a note on the reservation that it was our honeymoon and they said they save that table for special occasions! On top of the superb service, our drinks (a huckleberry drink for me) and food were outstanding. My husband had the elk, and I had the salt-and-vinegar halibut. Highly recommend Blue Lion!

  • Rosie R   Jul 17, 2021

    This place is amazing! Really delicious food and the most excellent service. I think I would have been happy with anything on the menu but the duck cakes were wonderful and the Elk tenderloin and truffle beef tenderloin were all superb! Radu was our server and he was so nice, polite, knowledgeable about the menu, and so courteous. I can not recommend this place highly enough.

  • Carol DeFalco   Aug 21, 2021! 1 exception -- too much dressing on the salad. Front of house & staff need training. We arrived 7 minutes before opening in the pouring rain & before we could say a word the young lady said NO through window. πŸ‘Ž college kids serving, nice but not on the level commensurate with the prices. Kept trying to clear table before all were finished even though they were told 2x

  • Lacey T Morgan   Aug 14, 2021

    Hot and crispy crusty, spongy bread was a great tease! Crab/cheese stuffed mushrooms starter was very tasty but the french onion soup was lacking. The broth was bland. However, we shared the elk tenderloin and the crusted chicken for entrees and both were scrumptious! The elk was tender especially for a lean meat, the sauce complimented it so well too. That crust on the chicken delicious. Sometimes when you get a crusted meat it's oily from pan frying, blech. Everything was just cooked perfectly. One of the best meals I've ever eaten. Service was great as well. Try Blue Lion if you're visiting or anywhere near Jackson WY

  • Johnny Five   May 29, 2021

    Nice ambiance and service. Their beef tenderloin was juicy and perfectly cooked. Didn't care for their rack of lamb (which they claimed was their specialty). It was coated with a shake-and-bake breading, which affected the flavor. Blah. Lamb is best served roasted and seasoned. Their tenderloin is actually their specialty - they have three or four different kinds. Had a good selection of wine and champagne.

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