The Blue Lion

Blue Lion Jackson Wyoming 83001-1128

Since 1978, The Blue Lion has been serving French-inspired food in a small historic house in downtown Jackson. Forty-one years later The Blue Lion remains a fixture of the Jackson Hole fine dining scene. Starting at 5:30pm nightly, they serve up house specialties that range from cream cheese stuffed mushrooms to racks of lamb and elk tenderloin. In a refreshing throw-back to traditional restaurant dining, each entree also comes with a dinner salad. They also have live acoustic guitar music accompanying dinner almost every night, which makes this one of the Best Date Night spots in town. One of Jackson’s oldest fine dining establishments! Our signature rack of lamb and classic entree selections are available year round.  

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  • Sammy Rodrigo   Feb 07, 2023

    My husband and I loved the Blue Lion. It’s in a renovated home and we got to sit by the guitarist that was very talented and provided a great vibe to the dinner. The server was very kind and knowledgeable. The food was delicious. We got the crab mushrooms, shrimp scampi, huckleberry scallops, and raspberry lemon cake. SO GOOD! I’d recommend this place for a fancy night out.

  • Lulu Zhang   Jun 01, 2023

    The service was very good, staff were very attentive and kind and knowledgeable!!! I want to preface there was nothing wrong with the actual service. But it was probably the most disappointing meal we’ve had in Jackson so far unfortunately despite how costly it was. We got the trout dip as an app and it was mostly cream cheese, looked like something you could buy from Walmart. I ordered the lamb chops which were the best of the night but they weren’t really seasoned. The outer crisp was very nice but the meat itself didn’t even taste like it had been salted. We also ordered the elk and it was burnt and rare even tho we asked for medium. The beef tenderloin was also cooked very rare when we asked for medium rare and the trout was very meh. All in all it was a very mid meal and I wouldn’t come back tbh, not for the price point. Reminded me of something from Ruby Tuesday, not a $$$ restaurant.

  • Shealin Eldridge   Sep 03, 2023

    Our server was great and food was delicious. The appetizer/salad/food timing was awkward and pricing didn't match portions. The hostess wasn't particularly welcoming or hospitable. The other servers were buzzing around seemingly upset and while the small space was pretty full, it wasn't incredibly busy at our 545 reservation.

  • Joshua Gilstein   Aug 04, 2023

    Delicious food and great atmosphere. Yummy non alcoholic cocktail option as well. The only slight negative was them trying to push dessert on us while we were still finishing our entrees.

  • Lucy Chen   Aug 31, 2023

    The Blue Lion has been my sister’s favorite for years, and for good reason. Each and every bite was exquisite. The stuffed mushrooms and gnudi in brown butter and sage were a great start. The salad was light and fresh, with candied pecans. The lamb was the best I’ve EVER HAD. Bravo to the chefs and to the servers for their execution of this meal, which makes all the difference. Everything came out hot and perfectly cooked. Finished the meal with the mud pie and Ukrainian cream. Will remember this meal for a long time.

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