Bin22 Jackson Wyoming 83002

Equal parts restaurant, bar, wine shop, and specialty grocer, Bin22 is a multi-faceted culinary space that brings Spanish-inspired flavors served tapas-style to Jackson Hole. Enjoy a glass of wine recommended by their expert wait staff, or grab any bottle from the shop to drink with dinner. There is no corkage fee on wine from the shop, making Bin22 one of the most affordable fine dining options in town. If you’re hungry, be sure to try a local favorite like the Wild-Mushroom Mozzarella, Spanish Salad, or Charred Octopus. We also recommend saving room for dessert so you can try a delightful, house-made Cream+Sugar ice cream cookie sandwich

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  • Alivia Hysell   Aug 28, 2023

    Really cute spot with an inviting staff and atmosphere! You can buy a bottle from the attached wine store to have while you eat or try a variety of by the glass pairings from the restaurant itself. The tapas were perfectly portioned for a couple and the charcuterie was really delicious and fresh. Had a lovely dinner here! The cheesecake was to die for.

  • Bobby Wang   Sep 05, 2023

    Warm atmosphere and excellent food. Walked through a liquor shop into the restaurant. The steak was very flavorful, accompanied by different spices on the top and bottom. The octopus leg was very tender without any odor and again accompanied by excellent side dishes. The paella was also good. It must be noted that they serve as small portion, but they were all exceptionally well presented.

  • Sonal Panda   Feb 01, 2024

    Bottom line - A must-visit and I will definitely be coming back again! Food - absolutely loved the 3 dishes I had! (1) Spanish salad - perfect blend of arugula with light sweet & citrusy vinaigrette, flavorful cheesy manchego (on the slightly more flavorful side) topped with crunchy roasted peanuts (2) Octopus - great combination of elements again! The potatoes are seasoned so well and go so well with either the octopus or the chorizo. (3) Huevos Rotos - over-easy eggs which spill so effortlessly when broken into and lightly seasoned to compliment the creamier paprika aioli and house chips that hit the spot. PS: since the portions sizes are medium, 2 dishes would have normally been more than enough for me, but I had 3 in this case since I skipped lunch. Also skipped dessert because of no dairy-free options Service - My server patiently went through all my options taking into account my dairy-free preference. I especially appreciated it at the end when after 2 dishes I knew I still needed a little something to fully satiate me and he helped me land on the Huevos Rotos after looking into 2 other options at which point I know most servers would lose a bit of patience. Ambience - overall great, the restaurant is tucked away behind this little but packed wine shop. Had bar seating which I actually didn’t mind this time because the bar is quite spacious (pictured) with hooks below to hook your jacket / belongings. Interesting choice of music from the 2010s - but no qualms there - and not very loud.

  • cg223   Mar 27, 2024

    Visiting from Florida and checked this place out. Charcuterie was 5 stars for freshness and portion. The Wild mushroom mozzarella was fantastic. Service and proficient and spot on. Full service bar and great local beers on tap! This was so good we decided to come back the next day before our flight back to Florida. The staff got us right in and once again everything was five stars! Highly recommend.

  • Mike Chang   Mar 29, 2024

    This place is amazing and I can not stop thinking about it. For being somewhat unassuming and not where you would think would have amazing food….. it’s insanely good. This place sells wine but also has a restaurant inside that does tapas. The flavors, ingredients, and taste combination is just phenomenal. This is a must visit in Jackson especially if you like wine and the quirky vibe here.

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