Bin22 Jackson Wyoming 83002

Equal parts restaurant, bar, wine shop, and specialty grocer, Bin22 is a multi-faceted culinary space that brings Spanish-inspired flavors served tapas-style to Jackson Hole. Enjoy a glass of wine recommended by their expert wait staff, or grab any bottle from the shop to drink with dinner. There is no corkage fee on wine from the shop, making Bin22 one of the most affordable fine dining options in town. If you’re hungry, be sure to try a local favorite like the Wild-Mushroom Mozzarella, Spanish Salad, or Charred Octopus. We also recommend saving room for dessert so you can try a delightful, house-made Cream+Sugar ice cream cookie sandwich

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  • Peater Jeon   Feb 12, 2020

    Not really happy about my experience here. Came here solo for dinner on 2/11. I've been here at least 4 times and always liked it. However today I sat at the end of the bar and was pretty much passed over for every couple ordering a bottle of wine and food despite ordering a lot of food and drink for myself. I asked a few times who my bartender/server was and half pointed to the woman bar tending and the other half said it was a group effort. I ordered food from one of the team servers and they forgot to put my order in waited 30 minutes for my food to arrive. Problem is none of the team servers even acknowledged me or tried to make eye contact despite sitting right next to the service bar station. I got the "not my customer, not my problem" type of vibe from this place. The point is I had to ask for everything and was seldom asked If I needed anything from the waitstaff or bartender. I guess I had to be a well-heeled couple to get any service or attention here. I brought up the issue with the bartender. It was at that point the bartender did comp a few items, which I didn’t ask for. I work In the restaurant industry. I currently own a successful restaurant and have done so for the last 10 years. Ignoring a guest and passing them over others is not cool. If the bartender and staff is going to play favorites, then it’s time to find a new bartender and staff.

  • Bryanna Connor   Jul 03, 2019

    Bin22 is the perfect place to grab a drink and enjoy company. The atmosphere almost feels like you are in Napa valley with the tasty tapas and the great selection of wine. Highly recommend.

  • Arthur Poon   May 12, 2019

    Great small restaurant. Tapas dishes were very good on every dishes. A lot of different kind of wine and beer. If you want can purchase the wine and beer from store. No cork fee charge.

  • Trevor Goveia   Jul 08, 2019

    Honestly without a doubt the best food we’ve ever had in our lives. Group of us split quite a few menu items, including pork sliders, octopus, meatball, fried mushroom mozzarella, and a choice of three cheeses; and it was all mind blowing flavor experiences none of us have had before. First Google review for a good reason

  • Eliza Smith   Jul 01, 2020

    Wonderful tapas restaraunt! Haven't been here in a few years but am reminiscing of a fantastic meal eaten here.

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