Big Hole BBQ – Victor

22 W Center St, Victor, ID 83455, USA

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  • Chloe Bickmore   Sep 09, 2021

    We had a large to go (catering) order for our wedding, and the food was absolutely amazing! The brisket was definitely a highlight, and everyone went back for seconds and thirds. Highly recommend!

  • Buddy Mountcastle   Aug 04, 2021

    This is a restaurant worth eating at a few times to try a few menu items. The food is amazingly good. It is so good, we at there three times in a row. The ribs were so tender and tasty, the item we loved the most was the big hole burger. It was fantastic.

  • Michael Sean Christensen   Jul 13, 2021

    This is a solid choice in the small town of Victor, Idaho. The BBQ is tasty and there are some nice outdoor seating options in the shade. I had a brisket sandwich that was well prepared and enjoyable. The regular sauce was a bit pedestrian but the spicy sauce was fantastic (and not really that spicy). Their beer selection was up to par and had choices for all types. It's also right next to a fly fishing shop which makes it easy to kill two birds with one stone if you plan on fishing while there.

  • Stephanie Hoffmann   Jun 26, 2021

    We loved the outdoor seating area! There is a cool mural on the back wall & string lights, it's a great place to chill out after a long day of exploring! Anytime a restaurant has fried pickles on the menu I try them. These are some of the BEST I've ever had and the price was excellent! The ribs were awesome, and even reheated the next day they were still good. The Cuban with shoestring fries, and caeser salad were great too. Both entrees were really great sized portions.

  • Steve Johnson   Jul 12, 2021

    We landed here on a Monday night at 8:30pm, after having driven across half of Texas, then Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana in 5 days. Along the way, we stopped at at least a dozen places to eat because I hate eating at chain restaurants while traveling. I can say with zero hesitation that this was the BEST meal we had in that time. Everyone at the table agreed that it was amazing. The true test, as a Texan, was the brisket - we are always skeptical about “brisket” outside of Texas - but this stuff was outstanding. The Cuban sandwich was outstanding. The chicken tenders were outstanding. The fish and chips were outstanding. The ONLY thing that makes it 4/5 and not a full 5 is that the beer list was a little lacking, but I am 100% sure that was because the place was completely full of patrons and they seemed to be sold out of a lot of the selections. Definitely worth the stop.

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