Big Hole BBQ – Jackson

325 W Pearl Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Lonnie Shull   Sep 09, 2020

    Just OK. Tourist BBQ. The pulled pork was somewhat dry and lacking real smoke flavor. This likely means it was cooked in a electric smoker and not over a real pit. (We stayed close by for several days and I never smelled wood smoke during the times when a pit would have had to be going for the meat to come off at the proper time.) The pulled pork also didn't "pull" indicating it was taken off the "smoker" too soon and not allowed to come up to the proper 205 degree F. It might fool those from California or New York, but not those of us who know real BBQ cooked over wood. The smoked chicken was better and the brisket was just OK. Our salad was spring mix out of a box and scant other vegetables. Not really worth the $17. The worst part? They gave us no forks with our take out order. Ever tried to eat salad with a spoon? The fired okra saved them from a 1* rating. Their slaw was average and the baked beans were more like spiced soup beans than real BBQ beans. Maybe they were going for the English crowd on those. Over all it was OK, and I cleaned my "plate" but this place would fall flat if it was in NC, Texas or Kansas City where folks know what real BBQ is.

  • Team Kempf   Dec 30, 2020

    Food was good, but a criticism of the service and my apologies for not sharing this in person as we had a cold walk to our hotel. We are WY locals and were on a quick weekend getaway to Jackson with our family. We ordered $80 worth of carry out for our family and the wife and I walked over early from our hotel to have a beer while waiting on the take out for our kids. Despite there being a table open right in front of the bar the server told us they didn’t want people just hanging out having a beer. While waiting for our carry out order another party came in behind us and was seated at the table right in front of us. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

  • Carli Lyon   Jan 20, 2021

    We grabbed to go food from big hole tonight. The service is always awesome. Morgan was excellent and asked about all the extras. I really appreciate the detail. Thanks guys. We enjoyed it

  • Rio Tarbo   Jan 18, 2021

    Went here Jan 2020. We only ordered fried okra because I was craving it. Sadly, it was way too salty. In the south, I’ve never had it that salty, not even close. Hoping it was an off day for their okra. Others seemed to enjoy their food at their tables though. We ordered nothing else. Didn’t finish the okra.

  • Erica   Jan 03, 2021

    The food was AMAZING! Huge portions and great prices as well. The only thing that was lacking serious flavor was the Mac & Cheese - but every other dish made up for it! Service was friendly and helpful. Highly recommend coming here!

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