Beaver Creek Hat & Leather Company

36 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • SCOTT MARTIN   Jul 02, 2023

    Traveled across the country for a vacation of adventure exploring Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. First stop was Jackson Hole. First store, Beaver Creek Hats and Leather. My wife and I were immediately greeted by the owner and his wife. A great and long conversation started as we were made to feel right at home. As I’ve always wanted a nice western hat, there were literally thousands to chose from and the time sped away listening to their families story and history of them landing there. When I finally chose the style hat John trimmed, shaped and fitted it to fit me perfectly. Never thought I would spent so much on a hat, but it really wasn’t about just the hat. Connie and my wife continued talking and John introduced me to his son who was working in the back of the store. The entire experience set the tone for our trip. Love the hat and wear it every chance I get, love the memories made that day with John and Connie. Thank you from a couple of folks from New Hampshire. Can’t wait to go back.

  • kenneth howell   Oct 28, 2023

    Had a fantastic experience. The staff was very pleasant and extremely helpful. Cleaned, reshaped and treated my "Justin" swiftly. Beautiful store to visit.

  • Jacob Rich   Sep 22, 2023

    Our experience was one of expectation that followed through! We saw someone record his experience on Instagram of getting a had modified for him that really set the bar. We came in for hats to commemorate our trip, found a young man, whose name I didn't catch, to measure our heads and advise which sizes to look in. Once we found the hats we thought we liked that were in our budget, he told us we could get the hats worked a bit to help fit the style we wanted even more. He replaced the band on my hat and while the owners husband put the right curves on my hat brim the owner herself was behind the counter so we chatted her up and she actually was helpful in our next daytrip to yellowstone! They showed us how to care for the hats, clean them, and hold them to avoid any damage. Very cool store with lots of neat apparel, helpful owners, and I believe the owners children share the store with incredible decorations and furniture. The entire place was probably my favorite store to look in out of the entire town.

  • Maddy V   Feb 11, 2024

    What they lack in customer service, they make up in their good selection of hats. I’m happy with my purchase, but the staff was quite rude. One of the employees (not even sure what his role was) just sat in the corner judging everyone. The store has two separate entities with no visual separation or indication to the customer. The employee got annoyed when I wanted to purchase some beads from the other “store” which was a display on a counter 3 ft from her register . How was I supposed to know there were two independent stores under one roof? I’m happy to never have to go back there again. Also, not a huge deal, but I didn’t get a storage box with my hat despite spending a good amount of money.

  • Tess Jolly   Jan 09, 2024

    Highly recommend Beaver Creek Hats. They had a wide variety of choices and prices ranges. I got to completely customize my hat. Ribbons, brands, feathers, etc. The employees were great to work with and very helpful. I will cherish this hat forever. This made the trip with my husband Out West even better! Thank you Beaver Creek!!

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