Bank of the West

222 E Garfield St, Laramie, WY 82070, USA

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  • Tyler Stearns   Nov 27, 2019

    I've been with Bank of the West for years. Left Chase for them. Worst bank ever! There are fees for everything and they really try to nickle and dime you. The app is terrible, the atm machines were a nightmare. The customer service mainly corporate was absolutely terrible. I opened a claim with them, won the claim, and then I had to give the money back because I didn't provide evidence that I sent in twice. Can't wait to close down my account with them. If I could give a 0 out 5 I would.

  • Brandon Ogden   Mar 13, 2018

    The staff is very friendly, especially the tellers, that’s not why the negative review. The bank itself however is not setup to benefit those who don’t have large holdings. Among many annoyances, crappy mobile banking, holds on checks, etc; recently I found out that they had switched the kind of checking account I had, and have been charging me $10 a month service charge simply because I don’t have enough money for their standards? It seems like a hometown bank would understand that in some particular stages of life you aren’t as well off as others, and that they should treat you well either way. I live by principle. If they won’t treat me well when I have no money they don’t deserve to profit of me when I do once my career takes off. I would recommend a credit union rather. They seem to be set up for everyone’s benefit. Again, sorry tellers, this isn’t on you!

  • Kayla Y   Oct 22, 2020

    We moved to town 5 years ago and decided to switch banks to bank of the west despite the 2 star review back then. They welcomed us with open arms and we're so nice. We have business account, personal account, and savings. The honeymoon period quickly faded as the would deposits end up in the wrong account. When cashing business checks from customers they would say "insufficient funds" but when verified by their own record, they typed in the wrong number and charged us a fees. The absurdity of this national Bank is ridiculous! Con-artists is the best way I can describe ineptitude of the people here. Aly, the teller, is the only honest and trustworthy person there. I hope she gets out before it's corrupts her.

  • Jake Kirby   Jun 23, 2022

    Just go with a local Credit Union, there are countless hidden fees and no real advantage of paying them. I pay at least $300 in fees a year just for having a debit card and credit card that I dont use. Seriously, this type of bank is obsolete, there are way better options out there.

  • Shaun Carabajal   Jun 15, 2022

    In recent experiences it seems that the customer service has gone downhill. While I have had some pleasant experiences the sour ones make me really reconsider going back in. To sum up my last bad experience: My s/o and I got information on how to get a check deposited that had multiple names and once we went back the manager apparently failed to mention some details and refused to cash the check. While I understand some information can be forgotten but what really upset me is that she verbally said both of our current balances out loud while other people were at the drive through. There are better ways to go about dealing with customers and the attitude that was given towards us was not appreciated. Not to mention she asked us “Who did you talk to her about this?” And she managed to forget it was her. The lack of professionalism and privacy for our accounts was very unnerving. Currently debating on switching banks to avoid these multiple uncomfortable experiences

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