Auto Tech

1405 Gregory Ln Unit 2, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Lars Bendels   Oct 04, 2022

    We are two German runaways volunteering the world. That is why we bought this old Chevy Van in Seattle. 🗺🚌 Out of a sudden our engine died and we were in great concern if this would be the end of our world trip. Simply because we could not have afforded a new engine. Brian quickly found a free appointment for us and we felt in good hands from the beginning. After only three days we got the relieving call: The engine is absolutely fine. Only one generator had to be replaced. Such a good service has become very rare. Thank you very much for everything, Brian + Team! 🦅❤️‍🔥⚡️ PS: Meanwhile we made it down to LA – Mexico, here we come! Instagram | YouTube: @vagateers

  • Kadir Karaatay   Jul 18, 2023

    WORST EXPERIENCE EVER I drop of my car in great shape with alternator problem and they said they can’t fix it after weeks. they had my car for 1 month and as a result they could not fix it. They couldn’t even put it back together. they gave it back my car as showed on picture. They make me ship my car to salt lake for service. They almost turn my car to the junk. Which I bought for 60 thousand dollars , which I saved for years. I definitely don’t recommend this shop to anyone. STAY AWAY

  • Judy Anderson   Nov 26, 2023

    I have been a loyal customer of Levi & Jimmy from the first day Levi opened his new business. I also moved my company’s fleet of vehicles to his care. I knew Levi from his previous job at Shervins and appreciated his honesty, fairness and empathy for his customer as well as he excellent skills as a mechanic. I am amazed and baffled at the couple negative reviews given to Auto Tech and felt the need to tell my most recent experience to demonstrate all the care and concern I was shown. On the way to Denver my car overheated 30 miles east of Rock Springs. We pulled off at the first exit where there were no services. I called Levi and he spent a good half hour on the phone walking us through things to check and what to do even though he was extremely busy. After the car was towed in, he found a hole in the radiator which I was shown. He replaced it, test drove the car and it appeared fixed. However, on my 65-mile ride home the car overheated again. I had it towed in and the thermostat was found to be faulty. He replaced it but I again had overheating occur on the way home. I had it towed in and after trying 3 other thermostats he determined that Subaru designed it so that only their thermostat would work. Levi fixed it, reduced the labor charged, test drove it over an hour and I picked it up. I drove 65 miles home and was happy it was fixed. Two days later when I had only driven a couple miles the heat light and brake light started to flash. When I called Levi, I said I would have it towed in but that I had used my free tows with AAA. He told me instead that he would send a mechanic to my home 65 miles from Jackson. He thought it was the computer needed to be reset. Two of his employees showed up in case they needed to drive it to the shop but with their diagnostic computer and Levi’s directions on the phone, they reset the car’s computer and all the idiot lights turned off. They test drove it and all was good. I forgot to mention that this was the day before Thanksgiving and business was booming at the shop. So, for the couple of morons that complained about Auto Tech consider this. Do you blame a doctor when he finds his initial diagnosis was correct but not the only thing wrong with you? Of course not. You thank him and follow his advice on the other issues. A doctor has the advantage that the patient can communicate with him. A mechanic not so much. Levi gives the best service and tries his hardest to give you the most cost-effective solution. By the way I am retired so the extra miles Levi went to help me was not because of the fleet of cars he services for my former employer.

  • Daniel Robinson   Jun 22, 2023

    Levi absolutely saved my day. In fact, not just my day but he also saved my bank account! Broke down offroading outside Jackson on a road trip 1900 miles away from home. He was slammed busy, and it didn’t help that I drive some weird obscure vehicle without great parts availability. The hotels in Jackson are outrageous and I thought for sure between the repair and the cost to stay a few days I’d be screwed. Levi hooked it up. Less than 24 hours later I was back on the road for what I thought to be a more than fair deal! He even had a option for me to work with him on a warranty in case something happens after I’m back home. Seriously a great guy and you can tell he’s very knowledgeable about what he does. Happy to be finishing the trip!

  • Sean McKnight   Apr 11, 2024

    My Touareg blew a driveshaft late on Thursday, and Levi at Auto Tech was able to get it back to me and up and running by mid-day Saturday. Mind you, I didn't get it into their shop until Friday afternoon, and they are closed on weekends. Truly a professional and quick turnaround. Never fun to have a big repair done, but they did it seamlessly and on a day their shop was closed. Very appreciative to the team here.

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