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  • Max “Mado”   Aug 02, 2018

    Had my 90 year old moms Lexus in for an air conditioning change. 2 months later all the coolant leaked out. I discovered they had not tightened the fittings. So I tightened the fittings and added some refrigerant to get her through the heat wave. I took the car back to get it all checked out for other leaks and get it all charged up again. They were rude and refused to touch the car with some BS story. Never ever going back. It’s like they would rather argue than work. They preformed faulty repairs and refused to fix it. Try absolute automotive instead. They are an honest shop !!!

  • Illia Goldin   Feb 01, 2019

    Great service! Brought in my truck after a hard core off-road session and in a few hours got it back looking brand new again! Had an old stain in the back seat left by kids eating chocolate while crawling some dirt spots at 40 mp/h. After "Jackson Auto Care" took care of my car I can't even tell where the stain was. Amazing what kind of wonders this place can do to your vehicle!

  • Emma Detrick   Jul 03, 2020

    Great price and really impressive job! Damir is timely, professional, and did a wonderful interior detail. I highly suggest getting your car detailed here.

  • Jennifer Wassmer   Sep 08, 2020

    Damir does an amazing job detailing! I have tan interior that were stained with toddler and pet stains from a dog with black hair! He made my car look brand new again! He even pointed out flaws on my exterior assuring me he could fix them as well. I will be back to support your professional and trustworthy business!!

  • Dennis Oney   Dec 11, 2021

    Peter did a phenomenal job, I can't recommend this business highly enough. The prices were extremely affordable, less than I've charged in a similar business and at an exceptional quality. My partner's car is beautiful after leaving JAC, and I will be scheduling an appointment for mine as well. Disappointing that the mistaken 1 star review has lowered overall scores for this business, so I'm happy to add my experience and try to even it out.

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