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1250 S Carol Ln, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Sinead O   Aug 11, 2016

    Professional and honest local business with great customer service.

  • Lawrence Long   Jun 27, 2018

    Honest peoples best auto shop I ever went to. Thanks a lot Paul! Google would not let me write a long review.

  • XAN GRAYSON   Nov 13, 2016

    Dave charged me $1300 to change a fuel pump. This would have cost $700 in Idaho. Im tired of local businesses gouging Jackson locals who are not 1%ters. Not only that but the fuel pump was $280, which he charged me $500 for! I realize there is a convenience and warranty factor at play here, but that kind of price increase for parts is just ridiculous, shameless and borderline criminal. Now, he did clean my gas tank, which is not something you can scrub, you let a chemical solution sit in the tank and rinse it out, so I don't know how that justifies for 2.5hrs labor??? Meanwhile he brags that he is the best in town, but he did not replace the $50 part that he was given an exact error code for from the Vans computer, which has since been straightened out with the Ford dealership. And when asked directly about why he didn't do this, his reply was "well Ive never done one". Unreal. From a customer service level I was never allowed to ask questions, and told he didn't want to help me because I was telling him what was wrong with my van. I am so sick of this old school ethos of bullying people that they can't ask questions and aren't allowed to try to understand what's going on with their car, and then when the mechanic realizes you're actually smart, they say, oh I can't help you anymore, instead of working with you to help you fix your car. Crazy right - We are paying them for a service. It's completely normal to want to learn about your car, and understand whats going on so that you don't get taken to the cleaners. He also never called me back with any estimates or research when asked over the phone, and had said that he would. Meanwhile I am still having problems with the fuel pump, that he wouldn't warranty, but I did find out from Ford that they would refund the pump part fully, as well as give me $150 toward labor, something he would have probably pocketed if he had to work on it again. Lastly when I left there, I had a broken clock spring, which he denies knowing anything about. But when I dropped it off, my horn, airbag, and cruise control worked - now they don't. How coincidental. Avoid this guy. Save your money. Go to Idaho or have the guys at Shervin's help you. At least they shoot you straight, and understand customer service.

  • Jay Low   Jul 21, 2016

    Pulled into Jackson with a rear brake dragging. NAPA had pads but I wanted a shop to check out the brakes first. Referred me here. A good thing ,after inspection found a seized caliper on my F250 had destroyed the rotor too. They repaired everything in a hour and a half. Very reasonable price, I highly recommend these guys.

  • Ashlee Buster   Aug 23, 2016

    We went down the Teton Pass and smoked our brakes on the 10% grade. We wanted to get the brakes checked out before moving forward, just to be safe. We showed up first thing in the morning, and even though Dave was fully booked for the day he helped us out and changed all 4 brakes so that we would be sure to have a safe journey ahead. We are so grateful for his willingness to squeeze us into his busy schedule!! I highly recommend this business, thanks Dave!

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