Atelier Ortega

150 Scott Ln, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Ed Chatterton   Apr 26, 2023

    Amazing place for desert! Very unlike what I am used to. I usually do not like gourmet or overly presented foods but this place... There's a reason I never go right after a paycheck. Always good always fresh always an epicurian delight!

  • Jillian Bohach   Jun 29, 2019

    Such a large variety of desserts! They are soo yummy too! They also serve espresso, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.

  • George Simons   Sep 11, 2020

    I'd like to give it a 4.5. The food was extremely tasty. The ambience and service were strange to rough. I'd give them a break because this is their backend location, but the only spot where you can get the delightful crepes. Orders: Smoked salmon crepe. Very sad it came out to our table in a to-go box for no apparent reason. The server looked like she was moments from a break down. The crepe did not look good. But it and the side salad were remarkable. A delight to eat. The salad was a little too costco-spinachy. But the walnut-olive combo created warm feelings within me. The tiny potatoes in the smoked salmon crepe thrilled me. Pistachio cake. It deserved to win best dessert of 2015. A multi-chapter journey through pistachios, cake, and black currants. Topped with delectable white chocolate shavings. Tiny chocolate for $2.50. Delightful!

  • Hay Wut   Jan 09, 2024

    Watch out when ordering online. There is an automatic tip function that charges without your input. It is sneakily hidden by the same font as the other parts of the bill and doesn't clearly show a way to change this other than underlining the words where this charge is added (no highlight, bold or different color). The box wasn't even ready when I got there. STOP forced/covert/ridiculous tipping!

  • Sagar Kane   Sep 21, 2023

    Really good selection of pastries. Jackson continues to surprise me. The chef/master chocolatier seems to have won quite a few awards and accolades internationally. Service is excellent and the food is delectable.

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