Aspens Market

4015 N Lake Creek Dr #29, Wilson, WY 83014, USA

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  • Thomas St.Arnaud   Mar 11, 2024

    Just came in the other day from west Yellowstone and went in to pick up a few things. The first thing I picked up I was blown away! $19.95 for a jar of Justin almond butter!!! What….. it it going to add a few years to me or something?? Ok not getting that. Ok so i look to see what eggs are, $11.00! Ok now I’m walking out. The people working there were really nice and they had a great selection but the prices were extremely high. Back home I miss my Trader Joe’s. People say go down to Albertsons…. Why?? They are just as expensive. We spent $200 there for two people for the week and got non name brand items. Lucky there is a target in town with a much smaller selection for groceries but a lot more affordable. BRING TRADER JOES TO THIS TOWN PLEASE. But it seems this town is for the rich $$$$

  • Sarah Taylor   Aug 03, 2023

    Fun market with a unique variety. Yes, you might pay a more BUT you are supporting a small, local business and it is much more easily accessible and navigable vs. the big box stores.

  • Ryan Forsythe   Feb 02, 2024

    Pricey, but it's at a condo development in Jackson so idk what you expect. Great selection, some really good deli stuff. If you're here for more than 2 days then go stock up somewhere else, but they have everything you need. Their smoked salmon dip is incredible and worth every penny

  • Mad Mod   Dec 31, 2023

    Love the little wine shop attached— very good selection in a small space. Yes the grocery store is more expensive than a typical market but it is SO convenient and the staff is friendly and willing to help you find what you need. One staff person overheard me lament the missing parsley and ran into the back to open a box and bring me some.

  • Becky Strauss-Sweet   Mar 05, 2024

    We only went here because the ski traffic was so bad and didn't want to head to town for groceries. (Went 4 miles and took 28 minutes after resort had closed for the day.) And there was a foot of snow in thebl forecast the next day. Very upscale, organic products are sold here. There is a separate beer and wine store as well. Employees were friendly and helpful. At least we found what we were looking for. It was very expensive for all items (except for the bottle of wine I was cooking with) but it all was very tasty. Bring your own bags to this store like the others in the area.

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