Anvil Hotel

215 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

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  • Jacob Young   Jun 04, 2023

    EDIT: Housekeeping doesn't even come by daily. Front reception isn't responsive or helpful. This could not be a worse experience. Will add photos later as the bed sheets don't even go to the end of the bed but they cover the bed with extra blankets so you don't notice. It's so gross. Showers run out of hot water rapidly. Rooms are VERY small with very little storage space, especially if you have hiking gear. There may be fresh paint on the walls but it doesn't cover up how low quality the building materials are. The rooms are also very loud, every word spoken by someone sitting in the porch outside or in the room next to you is perfectly audible. The showers are tiny, cramped and you can't even adjust the angle of the showerhead. This is much more akin to a motel than a 3 star hotel. It's a huge disappointment and we're looking at other accommodations as this is so incredibly subpar.

  • Abby Worsham   Aug 15, 2023

    This place was perfect for our honeymoon! The room was so adorable and the location was perfect. We walked or took a quick Uber to places we wanted to go. Front desk was helpful when we got there.

  • Robin Thompson   Jul 03, 2023

    The Pro- The Anvil is a great location. Walking distance from bars and restaurants in downtown Jackson. The Cons- 1. They don’t answer the phone. I attempted to call 3x to see if I could pay for early check in. Decided to go there to see if it was possible and was greeted by 3 employees. They don’t do early check in but said this in the most round about way. 2. The parking is horrendous. 3-5. The rooms look instagram worthy on the internet but they were done cheaply. The peel and stick flooring was poorly done and loud when walked on, the bed had a hole on the bottom of the box spring and loudly creaked with any movement. I’ve never had worse sleep at an hotel and the bathroom door didn’t close. 6. The sheets didn’t cover the bed and weren’t fitted. 7. In their aim to make money they fill your fridge with their expensive drinks leaving little room for to use this amenity.

  • NoSystem   Sep 12, 2023

    Room was so tiny there wasn't even space for a chair. Shower stall was so small that the shower head reached more than half way to the opposite wall and was not adjustable. Impossible to get decently soaked or soaped up.

  • Rob   Aug 18, 2023

    I wanted to like it. It was cheaply furnished but also a cheaper option right in town. I’d echo most of the negative reviews. Not cheap enough for the quality of the rooms. Not being able to take a hot shower is a total bummer. Even hostels have hot showers. Mornings, evenings, I was never able to find a time with hot water. The front desk suggested trying a local gym. I figured other reviewers had bad luck. I wouldn’t stay here again but it has potential if they just invested a little more - comfortable mattress, hot water, basic stuff. I’d rather just car camp- not really sure what I paid for? Anvil Hotel- what did I get the price of the hotel? A sleepless night after a cold shower? Might as well cold plunge in river and camp.

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