Anvil Hotel

215 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

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  • Luis Gomez   Sep 15, 2021

    The beds are hot. They try to fix this my putting fans everywhere. It doesn't work. If you need less then 90 degrees in your bed to sleep try another place.

  • Mary Dews   Jun 27, 2021

    This was a cute hotel like everyone said! We were so thankful to get a hotel room with them. Their main office area was very neat and it was close to town. I gave it three stars because we had a ground level room. The ceilings were really tall and beautiful. However, at about midnight, apparently the guests in the room upstairs arrived back and it was incredibly loud. We couldn’t go to sleep for the hour they were walking around in their room getting ready and hanging out. I believe the high ceilings made everything echo and sound louder. Because of this reason, if you decide to stay here, make sure you get upstairs if you want sleep!! When you spend that much money on a room, you definitely want to be able to sleep and not wake up exhausted!!

  • Meghan Dauler   Jan 11, 2022

    Where do I start? First, this was not my first stay and many of the things that we enjoyed in our last stay were missing. They decided to get rid of their happy hour and complimentary tea and coffee. It was disappointing but not the worst part of the stay. We stayed in a king room and the room was okay. The water pressure was terrible (they call it "rainshower") and there was NO HOT water. The parking was also terrible.

  • Jessica W.   Jan 03, 2022

    We stayed at the Anvil in October 2021. We were very excited about our stay here, we've enjoyed both ACE hotels and renovated old motels and thought this hotel would be a great fit for us. The room wasn't what we were expecting. The biggest issue was the shower drain was not working properly (room 306, if assigned, find another room, though I suspect its not the only room). The basin filled up almost immediately after we started the shower, within 10-15 secs. We would have to turn off the shower every 30 seconds or so to make sure it drained. There were pieces of grout missing, the tile was uneven, the parquet floors had pieces missing, the room was drafty, partly because the AC unit was left in the window and there was a gap. It basically seems certain aesthetics were priority, and plumbing, windows, flooring were not. Lipstick on a pig really. Overall, this was one of our most disappointing hotel stays to date (way overpriced as well). The only positives from our stay: on-site espresso machine, happy hour sangria between 4 and 6 PM and on-site parking. We had tried to reach out to the GM via leaving a message at check-out, calling once we were home, and emailing when that didn't work. They responded to my TripAdvisor review with my AGM reached out to you....they did not. Hopefully others have had a better experience, but this is not a hotel we would stay at again.

  • logan savoy   Jan 14, 2022

    Rooms were very cozy and nice. Everyone was perfectly accommodating. I had an issue with my sink and someone was in my room fixing it less then 10 minutes of me leaving the office.

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