Animal Adoption Center

270 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

The Animal Adoption Center is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals through rescue, adoption, education, and spay/neuter since 2004.

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  • allegra braun   Feb 16, 2020

    I remembered their humble pup and paw rescue and shelter years ago. Today, this amazing building was then, in just the planning stages. All the members were pros. welcoming and trusting! One might say they wore 🐾 💕 on their sleeves too. I was allowed to bathe and walk a dog there in late October. That was several years ago while visiting Jackson Hole. Being part of the shelter for those few wondrous days took away all the loneliness I could have felt but didn't. I was traveling alone then and it was a perfect get away to give away some time there. I was a 3 day volunteer. I asked to do a light bit of flower garden cleanup so next year's crop of fresh blooms could continue to flourish for next Spring. Memorable forever! I plan on another visit this year in 2020 Oct. Expect a volunteer!💕 🐾

  • Aymee LeJour   Oct 25, 2023

    The best pet adoption center I've ever seen in my life!

  • River   Dec 14, 2022

    The MOST incredible place!! They go above and beyond to save and care for animals, and I'm blown away by their willingness to invest so much in animals with health problem who deserve a second chance. They truly fulfill their mission!! My experience adopting an older dog with them has been the most rewarding and heartwarming experience, and I am beyond grateful to this organization for connecting me with my new little angel! Jenna is the sweetest woman, Virginia is extremely supportive and so generous with the time and advice she gave me, and Alyssa has also been so kind and helpful! I deeply appreciate their foster before adoption setup and the enthusiasm everyone has here. The creme de la creme of rescue/adoption centers :)

  • Erin McGibbon   Jan 07, 2021

    I have fostered many dogs from the AAC and have never had a bad experience. One of my best friends ended up adopting a dog that I was fostering (Norman, pictured below). The staff at the AAC are incredible and care deeply about the animals, and I'm so happy this organization exists in Jackson. They have saved so many lives - not only the lives of the dogs and cats they rescue, but also the lives of the people that foster and adopt

  • Stephen Swibes   Feb 14, 2024

    Outstanding service!! And an amazing group doing everything they can for our little friends!

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