Animal Adoption Center

270 E Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

The Animal Adoption Center is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals through rescue, adoption, education, and spay/neuter since 2004.

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  • Robert Davdison   May 12, 2023

    To me, its funny that they call the adopters the “rescuer”. That is incredibly inaccurate. The real heroes are the one’s putting in the real work, taking these animals in and showing they deserve love.

  • River   Dec 14, 2022

    The MOST incredible place!! They go above and beyond to save and care for animals, and I'm blown away by their willingness to invest so much in animals with health problem who deserve a second chance. They truly fulfill their mission!! My experience adopting an older dog with them has been the most rewarding and heartwarming experience, and I am beyond grateful to this organization for connecting me with my new little angel! Jenna is the sweetest woman, Virginia is extremely supportive and so generous with the time and advice she gave me, and Alyssa has also been so kind and helpful! I deeply appreciate their foster before adoption setup and the enthusiasm everyone has here. The creme de la creme of rescue/adoption centers :)

  • Erin McGibbon   Jan 07, 2021

    I have fostered many dogs from the AAC and have never had a bad experience. One of my best friends ended up adopting a dog that I was fostering (Norman, pictured below). The staff at the AAC are incredible and care deeply about the animals, and I'm so happy this organization exists in Jackson. They have saved so many lives - not only the lives of the dogs and cats they rescue, but also the lives of the people that foster and adopt

  • Casey Hartranft   Nov 09, 2022

    I have fostered a few dogs with the Animal Adoption Center and each experience has been exceptional.The staff really goes the extra mile by ensuring the process is simple and enjoyable by being extremely professional and caring. A family member of mine actually adopted my first foster puppy and had an incredible experience as well. 10/10 would recommend the puppy play if you get the opportunity.

  • M   Jul 06, 2021

    The Animal Adoption Center is very caring in their approach to animals in need of home, taking excellent care of them while the dogs and cats wait for their forever home. I adopted an older dog, Toby, who needed a home to “live out his golden years. “. Well, he’s a great dog. A wonderful companion. I could not ask for a better buddy than Toby. We had his genetics done, he is 50 % Great Pyrenees through his matrilineal line. He’s a BIG dog. About 100 pounds. He went through a lot to arrive at the Adoption Center and the care they have shows in how easily he was able to relax and adapt to a new home. The wonderful staff and volunteers who work here care so much about the dogs and cats that they look for the best home for them, have a very well thought out screening process and a comprehensive but reasonable adoption application. The meet and greet was so fun. Toby met three dogs and two humans, but not all at once. He did fine. I credit his care at the Center for this. I always feel good when speaking with anyone of the volunteers there and the staff. I’m so happy that because of them, I have Toby.

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