1535 NE Butte Rd, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • John O'Connor   Feb 26, 2022

    February, 26th, 2022. Teton County is among the most heavily vaccinated counties in America. The Omicron wave has come and gone. Cases are down dramatically. The CDC has loosened its masking guidelines. Jackson is a community that is still COVID cautious, but also one that recognizes the virus is now endemic, and that life should return to normal. Every other restaurant and hotel in town is open for business. Despite all this, and despite staffing the hotel with workers who make the dangerous commute across the Teton Pass every morning, Amangani's restaurant is closed to non-hotel guests, which is totally out of touch with the community. Legally, Amangani's status is as a common carrier. If locals aren't allowed at the hotel, a new policy should be announced and the resort should be transitioned to a private membership club for Californians visiting Wyoming.

  • divyam hansaria   Jun 08, 2021

    My girlfriend took me here to celebrate my birthday. We loved our stay at here; The check in experience was unlike any other hotel we’ve been to. There was no lines or anything, it felt very personal. The hotel sits at a gorgeous location facing the grand Tetons and the views from all around are amazing. This is the only place in USA were we have seen a proper infinity pool with breathtaking views from it of the mountains. There also was a open hot water pool which makes it a great place to take in the views at night. They even serve you food and alcohol in the pool if you want, so we enjoyed some drinks in the pool facing the sunset. The restaurant had a big variety of food available and everything else was also available on request, we could get food served anywhere on the property. My girlfriend also arranged for a private dinner for us which they setup outside on a lovely evening. We also enjoyed couples massages and both therapists were amazing, very prompt and professional. Service was just amazing. The day we wanted to go to Yellowstone, they cleaned our car, put water bottles inside and had it parked outside the hotel gate for us in the morning, we wanted to eat Indian food so they had someone from the hotel go to Jackson to pickup Indian food for us. I have never seen service like this before. Such a unique experience, totally worth the money if you want to pamper yourself or a loved one.

  • Koa Smith   Jan 04, 2022

    The staff here is incredibly and never fail to please me. The food is amazing here. A amazing view from every room, and the room service is beyond good.

  • Christine Kim   Oct 21, 2021

    We were treated extremely poorly by the restaurant hostess on our visit to Amangani. We were not staying there, but the restaurant website clearly states that non-guests are welcome to dine there, subject to availability. The hostess was rude from the moment I walked up to her and asked if we'd be able to dine there either that day or sometime in the next few days. She flatly told me that they don't allow non-guests to dine there. I still asked if she could check with her manager as I had been told differently. She reluctantly called her manager, spoke with her for less than 15 seconds, hung up, and told me they couldn't do anything for us. I asked again if they might have ANY availability in the upcoming week, and at that point, she refused to even call her manager or check the system, but just told us again, rudely, that non-guests could not dine there, despite their own policy. I was so upset but walked away, then later decided to email the restaurant to see if it was true that every single dining slot was booked up for the rest of the week, or if this was just the hostess refusing to help us. Someone else in the restaurant emailed me back within 30 minutes saying I could dine with them for lunch tomorrow or the following day. Is this how someone at a luxury hotel restaurant should treat people? Are non-guests to be treated less than? It was extremely disappointing and I hope Amangani will do a better job of communicating their policies to their restaurant staff.

  • Diede van Lamoen   Apr 20, 2022

    Absolutely terrible. Far cry from what it should be for the price point and definitely nowhere close to what Aman normally provides. The room was tired and needed a revamp. Service is poor. Restaurant is under staffed and food was mediocre. It’s a 25 min ride to the resort, shuttles were dirty (think stale beer left from previous shuttle run). Private shuttle to the airport couldn’t be bothered to help with luggage. Overall very disappointing.

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